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• Author :_Yair Lapid
• Pages :_304 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1466842466
• ISBN-13 :_9781466842465

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• Description : In To Be Israeli, Yair Lapid offers his unique perspective on his equally unique homeland: its war-torn but inspiring history, prickly but warmhearted people, imperfect but spirited democracy. In a collection of insightful, poignant, and often humorous essays, Lapid takes on the topics that have shaped his country: the conflict with the Palestinians, anti-Semitism, terrorism, and the legacy of the Holocaust. A popular newspaper columnist and TV host before he entered politics, Lapid for the first time shares with American readers the tough-minded but hopeful vision that won over so many voters, bringing a calm, levelheaded voice to topics usually dominated by vitriol and denunciation. A fervent secularist who attends synagogue, Lapid addresses hot-button issues such as the role of religion in Israeli society. A devoted father with a passion for history, Lapid also reflects on the personal and family milestones that reflect Israel’s differences from other countries, such as watching his oldest son join the army and seeing four generations attend the same Passover seder. Lapid assesses his country’s greatest accomplishments and most horrific failures, its miraculous survival and the gathering threats it faces, the burdens of the past and reasons to think a bright future lies ahead. [...] by Publisher : 'Macmillan'

• Author :_Yair Lapid
• Pages :_320 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1466842474
• ISBN-13 :_9781466842472

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• Description : From leading political figure and bestselling Hebrew author Yair Lapid comes a mesmerizing portrait of the author's father, one of modern Israel's leading figures. Memories After My Death is the astonishing true story of Tommy Lapid, a well-loved and controversial Israeli figure who saw the development of the country from all angles over its first sixty years. From seeing his father taken away to a concentration camp to arriving in Tel Aviv at the birth of Israel, Tommy Lapid lived every major incident of Jewish life since the 1930s first-hand. This sweeping narrative will captivate anyone with an interest in how Israel became what it is today. Tommy Lapid's uniquely unorthodox opinions - he belonged to neither left nor right, was Jewish, but vehemently secular - expose the many contradictions inherent in Israeli life today. [...] by Publisher : 'St. Martin's Press'

• Author :_MK Rabbi Dov Lipman, Yair Lapid
• Pages :_96 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9655242862
• ISBN-13 :_9789655242867

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• Description : Exploring the issues of the separation between religion and state in Israel, this book by Knesset parliament member Rabbi Dov Lipman lays out his vision for the future. Lipman was elected to the Yesh Atid party, which, though largely secular, calls for a more moderate and open form of Judaism. His is a voice of reason in the religious debates and battles that have threatened to undermine Jewish unity in Israel and around the world. Lipman has observed firsthand the polarization, extremism, and discrimination that have been on the upswing in Israel, and his book examines specific practical issues rather than general theological questions in the Israeli political scene. As the only ultra-Orthodox member of the current coalition, he offers a unique insight into the internal societal struggles of the Jewish community as well as the hope for a better future for both Israel and Jews around the world. [...] by Publisher : 'Urim Publications'

• Author :_Shulamit Lapid, Philip Simpson
• Pages :_349 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781592642304
• ISBN-13 :_1592642306

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• Description : A historical novel set in late 19th-century Galilee finds Fania Mandelstam coping with the hardships of life in the agricultural settlement Gai Oni after leaving Russia following the murder of her parents in a pogrom and a rape which resulted in a birth o [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Uri Orlev
• Pages :_162 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780395616239
• ISBN-13 :_0395616239

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• Description : During World War II a Jewish boy is left on his own for months in a ruined house in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he must learn all the tricks of survival under constantly life-threatening conditions. [...] by Publisher : 'Houghton Mifflin Harcourt'

• Author :_N. Ribke
• Pages :_233 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1137409398
• ISBN-13 :_9781137409393

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• Description : Exploring the transition of celebrities into institutional-electoral politics, the book argues that many insights developed by genre theorists could be highly instrumental to understand the celebrity politics phenomenon. It analyzes the historical and cultural specificity of celebrity politics as it evolved through different countries and cultures. [...] by Publisher : 'Springer'

• Author :_Etgar Keret
• Pages :_224 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1448104394
• ISBN-13 :_9781448104390

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• Description : 'Etgar Keret's short stories are fierce, funny, full of energy and insight, and at the same time they are often deep, tragic and very moving' - Amos Oz At a children's tea party, a magician tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but takes out only its head; a young man has a mother and girlfriend who each demand that he gives them the other one's heart; while a Nobel Laureate asks an orphan to perform a very strange task. In Etgar Keret's blackly comic stories the unexpected can, and usually does, happen. They are clever, quick, sometimes violent and often intensely poignant. They are, in short, brilliant. [...] by Publisher : 'Random House'

• Author :_Asher Arian, Michal Shamir
• Pages :_315 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1412844320
• ISBN-13 :_9781412844321

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• Description : The elections to the 18th Knesset (legislature of Israel) were held on February 10, 2009, almost three years after the elections to the 17th Knesset and approximately twenty months before the original date set for them to be held. The elections are best understood in the context of the wars that were at each end of Ehud Olmert’s government tenure, corruption scandals involving the prime minister, and the failure of Tzipi Livni, the newly elected head of the ruling center party, Kadima to form a new coalition following Olmert’s resignation. The election campaign of 2009 began with the resignation of Ehud Olmert in the shadow of his corruption scandals and issues of integrity and clean government. This was followed by the world financial crisis, which directed attention towards the economic dimension and performance of the candidates. On the face of it, the campaign was cut short when military action began in Gaza. Still, the election was on the minds of candidates, and the question of who can best ensure security prevailed in the campaign. It becamepersonalized and focused on the candidates: the two candidates who had once headed the government and aspired to return, Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, and the chairperson of Kadima, Tzipi Livni, who was running for the first time as head of a party. The Elections in Israel 2009 will be of particular interest to those concerned with comparative politics and elections in an open society. This volume is the latest in the series begun in 1969. [...] by Publisher : 'Transaction Publishers'

• Author :_Faisal Devji
• Pages :_278 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1849042764
• ISBN-13 :_9781849042765

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• Description : "Muslim Zion" argues that Pakistan has never been a nation-state, grounded in the historic connections of lands and peoples. Just as Israel is the only Jewish state, Pakistan is the only Muslim state to make religion the sole basis of its nationality. Faisal Devji offers a penetrating critique of founding a state on nothing but the idea of belonging. [...] by Publisher : 'Hurst Publishers'

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