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• Author :_Lauren Layne
• Pages :_203 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_039918208X
• ISBN-13 :_9780399182082

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• Description : USA TODAY BESTSELLER • Sparks fly between a misunderstood New York socialite and a cynical divorce lawyer in this lively standalone rom-com from the author of Blurred Lines and Love Story. Pampered heiress Georgianna Watkins has a party-girl image to maintain, but all the shopping and clubbing is starting to feel a little bit hollow—and a whole lot lonely. Though Georgie would never admit it, the highlights of her week are the mornings when she comes home at the same time as her uptight, workaholic neighbor is leaving to hit the gym and put in a long day at the office. Teasing him is the most fun Georgie’s had in years—and the fuel for all her naughtiest daydreams. Celebrity divorce attorney Andrew Mulroney doesn’t have much time for women, especially spoiled tabloid princesses who spend more time on Page Six than at an actual job. Although Georgie’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s also everything Andrew resents: the type of girl who inherited her penthouse instead of earning it. But after Andrew caps one of their predawn sparring sessions with a surprise kiss—a kiss that’s caught on camera—all of Manhattan is gossiping about whether they’re a real couple. And nobody’s more surprised than Andrew to find that the answer just might be yes. Lauren Layne’s New York Times bestselling Oxford series can be read in any order: IRRESISTIBLY YOURS I WISH YOU WERE MINE SOMEONE LIKE YOU I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE Don’t miss any of Lauren Layne’s hot reads: The Love Unexpectedly series: BLURRED LINES | GOOD GIRL | LOVE STORY | WALK OF SHAME | AN EX FOR CHRISTMAS The Sex, Love & Stiletto series: AFTER THE KISS | LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH | JUST ONE NIGHT | THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE The Redemption series: ISN’T SHE LOVELY | BROKEN | CRUSHED The I Do, I Don’t series: READY TO RUN | RUNAWAY GROOM | JUST RUN WITH IT Praise for Walk of Shame “Walk of Shame is everything we have grown to love about Lauren Layne. It’s fast-paced, the characters are layered, and the chemistry always smolders.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers “I have three words to describe Walk of Shame: fun, fun, fun! . . . There’s nothing sexier than seeing Andrew lose control.”—Harlequin Junkie (top pick) “Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne was such an ‘enchanting’ story that I read it in one sitting. You couldn’t have pried it from my hands.”—Happily Ever After “Ok, I’m just going to say it: this is Lauren Layne’s best book! This was absolutely adorable. I loved everything about this book. I was feeling like a giddy little school girl reading it.”—AC Book Blog “This is a book I have been so looking forward to and literally from page one, it had sucked me right in. I practically inhaled it within a few hours.”—Melissa Kate [...] by Publisher : 'Loveswept'

Walk of Shame

2015-12-22 |

• Author :_Andrea Smith
• Pages :_330 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780998004334
• ISBN-13 :_0998004332

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• Description : Easton and Darcy Matthews' oldest son, Weston, is now 21 and a senior in a prestigious, Ivy League College. He's a frat boy, hockey jock, and all around ladies man. He does have one problem though, he has to ace his Early American Lit class in order to graduate and stay eligible to play hockey for Hardwick University. Weston is provided a tutor to help with his senior Lit class. Enter Penny Lane, also a senior at another local college, doing part-time status at Hardwick. She tutors to earn money, but her aspirations go far beyond just that. Penny is plain, nerdy, brilliant, and has a hidden agenda. She and Weston get off on the wrong foot, and from there, things will only get crazier. You will get a chance to re-acquaint yourself with Easton and Darcy due to unfortunate circumstances that befall their younger daughter, Carson. Easton and Weston will have their moments, and a mysterious hook-up for Weston at a Halloween gala ball will have some smokin' hot ramifications. Fasten your seat belts, and hold on for dear life as you take this roller-coaster ride on the Walk of Shame! [...] by Publisher : 'Meatball Taster Publishing'

• Author :_Jenn P. Nguyen
• Pages :_336 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1250084083
• ISBN-13 :_9781250084088

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• Description : A 2017 Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers Taylor Simmons is screwed. Things were hard enough when her single-minded dedication to her studies earned her the reputation of being an Ice Queen, but after getting drunk at a party and waking up next to bad boy surfer Evan McKinley, the entire school seems intent on tearing Taylor down with mockery and gossip. Desperate to salvage her reputation, Taylor persuades Evan to pretend they're in a serious romantic relationship. After all, it's better to be the girl who tames the wild surfer than just another notch on his surfboard. Readers will be ready to sign their own love contract after reading The Way to Game the Walk of Shame, a fun and addicting contemporary YA romance by Jenn P. Nguyen. [...] by Publisher : 'Macmillan'

• Author :_Robin Anderton, Jay Desario
• Pages :_245 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781596090477
• ISBN-13 :_1596090472

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : 'Chamberlain Brothers'

• Author :_Mira Moshe, Nicoleta Corbu
• Pages :_338 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781634637435
• ISBN-13 :_1634637437

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• Description : The term walk of shame is deeply rooted in the idea that shame is a difficult emotion stemming from a feeling of inferiority or social discomfort, which causes a person to wish to disappear, become invisible, be swallowed up by the earth. However, sometimes exactly at such a moment of disgrace, individuals are publicly exposed to the full extent of their misery and must walk the walk of shame witnessed by family, friends and acquaintances. Shame, considered by some to have genetic origins, is an integral part of social circumstances and settings in accordance with a set of values, patterns of thought and the individuals physiological makeup. Shame is the result of familial, social and media processes. Thus the walk of shame does not take place privately behind closed doors, but on city sidewalks, in the workplace, in newspaper columns and on television and computer screens. It is not surprising, then, to discover that the tremendous power of shame has expropriated it from the individuals control in the private sphere to the public sector, creating a collective punishing mechanism whose goal is to warn against undesirable behavior. Indeed, a persons public humiliation is a form of punishment, a negative sanction leading to disgrace, debasement and mortification. This book discusses the walk of shame from a cultural perspective, focusing on contexts, strategies, images etc. that reveals the many facets of a controversial concept. [...] by Publisher : 'Nova Science Pub Incorporated'

• Author :_Jennifer Dawson
• Pages :_ sheets
• ISBN-10 :_
• ISBN-13 :_

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : 'Jennifer Dawson Publishing'

• Author :_Emma Lea
• Pages :_308 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780648333807
• ISBN-13 :_0648333809

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• Description : After Claire Bower finds her fiancé in bed with another woman, she kicks him to the curb and heads to Melbourne for a well-deserved break. She never expected to wake up in a strange bed with no idea what happened the night before. [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Victoria Ashley
• Pages :_504 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781515158493
• ISBN-13 :_1515158497

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• Description : Walk Of Shame (Full Series) + 3 Bonus Chapters! Slade (Walk Of Shame #1) My name is Slade Merrick and I'm a fucking sex addict . . . I've been told it's a problem. But I see it as a passion; something that I'm good at. And who the fuck stops something that they're good at? They want me to seek help; get my cock in check. Don't judge my lifestyle. You're no better than me. Just admit it, you like to fuck too. Sex is what I do best; my own personal high, so I embrace it instead of being ashamed. When I'm not fucking, I'm slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I'm good at. Every woman's darkest fantasy brought to life. So, am I stopping? Fuck no. Sex is beautiful, raw and erotic and I get off knowing I can have it with anyone I want . . . with the exception of her. Aspen. She walks into the club swaying those hips, instantly drawing my cock to attention. She's pure perfection. That is, until she opens that mouth, drawing me in and for the first time in forever I want something more than sex. I want her and she hates it. Things get dirty. Dirty is what I like; it's how I live. But . . . she's playing a game she can never win. Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2) My name is Hemy Knox and I'm a fucking heartbreaker . . . I've hurt the one person that means the most to me in life; the only woman I have ever fucking loved. I let the drugs, alcohol and wild life take over; consume me. I got her where I wanted her and ripped her fucking heart out. Since then, I've spent countless nights having dirty, meaningless sex with a multitude of people; only leaving them wanting and begging for more with no regrets. Some may even call me the devil; soulless. They look and judge, but there is one thing they don't know; no one does. I want more than this life of stripping and sleeping around; the never ending party. I want love and everything that comes with it; that high that never ends. The problem is . . . I only want it with her. Onyx. She refuses to be mine . . . again. She's smart and it's a mother fucking pain in my ass; guarding her heart while ripping mine right out of my chiseled chest. I can't say that I blame her. I always was a dumb ass when it came to the emotions of a woman, especially her. She wants to see me suffer as much as I made her; watch me wither and fucking die at her feet. She wants to crush me until I'm no longer breathing and I will let her, because it hurts far less than not having her as mine. I will stop at nothing to make her mine again. The pain only drives me harder; feeding my fury and giving me a reason to live . . . her. Cale (Walk Of Shame #3) My name is Cale Kinley and I'm a fucking Virgin... Well, with the exception of my tongue. The countless things I can do with my tongue are bound to leave you breathless and begging for more, but more... is something that I can't give. It's a choice. My choice. There's a reason for that. A very good reason, and that reason is her. Riley. She's the only woman that I want to bury myself deep in. The one woman I have wanted since I was old enough to fuck. I never got my chance though, because she left. She had no choice and it stung like hell. But I couldn't let her leave without telling her how I felt. I wanted her to be my first and I didn't give a shit how long I'd have to wait. It's been six years and now she's back and sexier than all hell. Just the sight of her stops my damn heart from beating. I want her and for more than just having her as my first. I'm determined to have her in every way possible. She thinks this is still a game; that I've already given myself to countless women. What she doesn't know is that I have a lot of willpower. When I want something as badly as I want her, I don't let shit stand in my way. I'm going to prove that to her. There's just one little problem I need to take care of... Him. + 3 Bonus Chapters 1 Year Later [...] by Publisher : 'Createspace Independent Publishing Platform'

• Author :_L.M. Gregory
• Pages :_41 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_
• ISBN-13 :_PKEY:6610000066070

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• Description : Waking up in a strange place is normal. Waking up in a strange body...terrifying. Every wobbling step he takes brings back the thrill and shame of the previous decadent night. Part of Dana is horrified that he behaved like a bimbo, but part of him remembers sensual pleasure like he'd never experienced. And that part, wants more. He was born a man, but when a prank goes wrong he finds himself stuck in a transformed, very sexy female body. A body where every touch brings the desire for more. When Dana wakes up next to a man, he flees the apartment, but finds himself in a brand new situation. The Walk of Shame. Yet a part of him screams that he should be strutting. Confused, terrified and aroused beyond his endurance, can he get back to his old self or is this Walk of Shame just the first of many. This 15k story packs in a M2F transformation, exhibitionism, humiliation, exploration, first time sex and plenty of fun sex. [...] by Publisher : 'L.M. Gregory via PublishDrive'

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