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• Author :_Vicky Skinner
• Pages :_352 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781250309242
• ISBN-13 :_1250309247

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• Description : Kate’s father has been pressuring her to be perfect for her whole life, pushing her to be the best swimmer she can be. But when Kate finds her dad cheating on her mom, Kate’s perfect world comes crashing down, and Kate is forced to leave home and the swim team she's been a part of her whole life. Now in a new home and new school, faced with the prospect of starting over, Kate isn't so sure that swimming is what she wants anymore. But when she decides to quit, her whole world seems to fall apart. But when Kate gets to know Michael, the cute boy that lives across the hall, she starts to think that starting over might not be so bad. There's only one problem: Michael has a girlfriend. As the pressures of love, family, and success press down on her, can Kate keep her head above water? [...] by Publisher : 'Square Fish'

• Author :_Vicky Skinner
• Pages :_272 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781250195357
• ISBN-13 :_1250195357

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : 'Swoon Reads'

• Author :_National Labor Relations Board (U S )
• Pages :_1411 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780160804403
• ISBN-13 :_016080440X

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• Description : Each volume of this series contains all the important Decisions and Orders issued by the National Labor Relations Board during a specified time period. The entries for each case list the decision, order, statement of the case, findings of fact, conclusions of law, and remedy. [...] by Publisher : 'Government Printing Office'

• Author :_Shannon Klare
• Pages :_256 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1250154375
• ISBN-13 :_9781250154378

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• Description : At first unhappy about transferring to a new high school senior year, Claire quickly makes friends and, despite her determination to avoid football, captures the attention of the arrogant quarterback. [...] by Publisher : 'Swoon Reads'

• Author :_Danika Stone
• Pages :_336 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1250114373
• ISBN-13 :_9781250114372

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• Description : "A YA novel about an internet blogger whose online romance draws the attention of a stalker"-- [...] by Publisher : 'Swoon Reads'

• Author :_Mitzi Miller, Denene Millner
• Pages :_288 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0545231639
• ISBN-13 :_9780545231633

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• Description : Designer clothes. Gorgeous boys. Family secrets. Major drama. Welcome to Atlanta and the lives of the Duke twins, Sydney and Lauren. They don't call it Hotlanta for nothing! The Duke twins, Sydney and Lauren, live the life: They attend the fanciest school in Atlanta, they live in Buckhead, the most exclusive neighborhood, and they only date the hottest guys. And their secrets? Are the darkest of all. When their estranged father is released from prison and a murder is committed, their lives are plunged into a whirlwind of tabloid scrutiny, vicious gossip, and shocking revelation. Lauren, always such a party girl, and Sydney, bent on perfection by way of the Ivy League, can't trust anyone. Not their mother, not their rich stepfather. Maybe not even each other. [...] by Publisher : 'Scholastic Inc.'

• Author :_Kathryn Berla
• Pages :_320 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781944995751
• ISBN-13 :_1944995757

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• Description : Every year, it comes. And every year, it reminds Grace that someone knows her deepest secret--the secret whose silence has tormented Grace over the years. That secret began with an innocent gang of teenage friends who called themselves The Kitty Committee. The Kitty Committee of Grace's youth was ostensibly a group of friendship and support. But the friends fell victim to the ringleader's manipulative personality and recklessness, which set the girls on a course of vigilante justice, culminating in an act that will forever change their lives, an act that becomes their shared secret. Grace's silence and guilt has led to over twenty years of disappointing relationships, an inability to commit, and a crisis of morality. And no matter how much Grace has suffered and lost, still it comes every year. The reminder that someone out there wants The Kitty Committee to suffer--someone who won't forget and won't forgive. [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Karole Cozzo
• Pages :_320 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1250163897
• ISBN-13 :_9781250163899

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• Description : Eve is used to being the odd woman out. As the only girl on her school's baseball team, she knows exactly how to put sweaty, macho baseball players in their place, and she's learned to focus on one thing and one thing only--being the best pitcher she can be. But when a freak accident forces her school to be absorbed by the neighboring town, Eve has to contend with a new group of guys who aren't used to having a woman on their team. And the new team's star pitcher, Jamie, has no interest in being ousted from his throne. He can't afford to give up his starting slot to a new pitcher--especially to a girl. As the competition between Jamie and Eve starts to heat up, so does their attraction to each other. Can they keep their heads in the game, or will they end up getting played? -- netgalley. [...] by Publisher : 'Swoon Reads'

• Author :_Caitlin Lochner
• Pages :_288 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781250168252
• ISBN-13 :_1250168252

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• Description : In a world on the brink of war, four superpowered teens must learn to work together for peace in Caitlin Lochnar's action-packed debut novel. Lai Cathwell is good at keeping secrets. As a Nyte, a supernaturally gifted teenager who is feared and shunned by the ungifted, this skill is essential to survival. Orchestrating her own imprisonment to escape military duty has only honed her ability to deceive others. But when rebels start attacking the city, Lai is dragged back into the fight with a new team of Nytes. Thrown together with Jay, a self-conscious perfectionist consumed by the desire to be accepted; Al, a short-tempered fighter lying for the sake of revenge; and Erik, an amnesiac hell-bent on finding his memories and his place in the world, Lai realizes she’s facing an entirely different kind of challenge—one that might just be impossible. But if this team can't learn to work together, the entire sector will be plunged into war. [...] by Publisher : 'Swoon Reads'

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