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• Author :_Nicholas Sparks
• Pages :_352 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0748119752
• ISBN-13 :_9780748119752

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• Description : Do you believe in lucky charms? While in Iraq, U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photo, half-buried in the dirt, of a woman. He carries it in his pocket, and from then on his luck begins to change. Back home, Logan is haunted by thoughts of war. Over time, he becomes convinced that the woman in the photo holds the key to his destiny. So he finds the vulnerable and loving Beth and a passionate romance begins. But Logan battles with the one secret he has kept from Beth: how he found her in the first place. And it is a secret that could utterly destroy everything they love . . . [...] by Publisher : 'Hachette UK'

The Lucky One

2016-02-20 |

• Author :_Sherry V. Ostroff
• Pages :_226 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781523956210
• ISBN-13 :_1523956216

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• Description : Ita was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. The place was the former Pale of Settlement which was a large swath of land in western Russia where Jews were forced to live for centuries. The year was 1918 and Russia was in the midst of two revolutions. The first occurred with the abdication of the last tsar of Russia culminating in his execution. The second was the bloody civil war that ensued for control of the country. Ita was caught in the middle during this time of great political and social upheaval. Wave after wave of murderous anti-Jewish riots, or pogroms, descended upon Jewish shtetls, and the only chance for her survival was to escape. Escape was not easy. In fact, it could be deadly. In Ita's own words, along with her daughter's (Sherry V. Ostroff) historical and cultural background information, she describes her privileged life in Russia, the bloody pogroms, and her harrowing escape. Ita faces each roadblock with resolve, including a new country that doesn't want her, and proves why she is, indeed, the lucky one. [...] by Publisher : 'Createspace Independent Publishing Platform'

• Author :_Mark Isham
• Pages :_4 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780739091616
• ISBN-13 :_0739091611

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• Description : Mark Isham's theme to the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' romantic drama makes a beautiful piano solo. This official sheet music edition allows pianists to bring it to life. [...] by Publisher : 'Alfred Publishing Company'

• Author :_Caroline Overington
• Pages :_336 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1460703669
• ISBN-13 :_9781460703663

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• Description : Keep your secrets. Tell your lies. The gripping new psychological thriller from the author of the bestselling The One Who Got Away. An old castle ... For more than 150 years, a grand house known as Alden Castle has stood proudly in the rolling hills of California's wine country, home to a family weighed down by secrets and debt. A fresh body ... When the castle is sold, billionaire developers move in, only to discover one skeleton after another - including a fresh corpse - rotting in the old family cemetery. An unsolved mystery ... As three generations of the well-respected Alden-Stowe family come under scrutiny, police unearth a twisted web of rivalries, alliances, deceit, and treachery. A gold-digger wife, a demented patriarch, a daughter in the grip of first love ... Who has lied? Who will survive? And who, amidst all the horror and betrayal, is the lucky one? 'The Lucky One will leave you breathlessly turning every page to find out just whodunnit. It's a brilliant novel, and you'll struggle to put it down just until you know who the lucky one is.' Better Reading [...] by Publisher : 'HarperCollins'

• Author :_Mae Ngai
• Pages :_326 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0691155321
• ISBN-13 :_9780691155326

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• Description : Traces three generations of a Chinese-American family from its patriarch's self-invention as an immigration broker in post-gold rush San Francisco to the family's intimate involvement in the 1904 World's Fair. [...] by Publisher : 'Princeton University Press'

• Author :_Georgia Hunter
• Pages :_403 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0399563083
• ISBN-13 :_9780399563089

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• Description : A novel based on the true story of a Jewish-Polish family recounts how the Kurcs are scattered throughout the world by the horrors of World War II and fight hardships to survive, reach safety, and find each other. [...] by Publisher : 'Penguin'

• Author :_Judy Abrams, Eva Felsenburg Marx
• Pages :_183 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1897470711
• ISBN-13 :_9781897470718

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• Description : Two Jewish girls born six months apart _ Judit Grünfeld (Judy Abrams) in Hungary and Eva Felsenburg (Marx) in Czechoslovakia _ are separated from their parents and forced to "pass" as Christian children. Theirs are the amazingly parallel but unique stories of two children who were able to survive when so many others perished. [...] by Publisher : 'Azrieli Foundation'

• Author :_Kristina Wright
• Pages :_256 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1627781781
• ISBN-13 :_9781627781787

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• Description : We all have... that One, the one who got away. The one we fell for or simply were attracted to, but we never got. That One, but not necessarily The One, at least not the first time around. That One who slips into our fantasies late at night when we’re feeling melancholy or nostalgic. Maybe we took a chance once and it simply didn’t work out. Maybe we never took the chance... and we wish we had. We all have the name of the One Who Got Away tattooed on our heart, always with us, never forgotten. There is something hopelessly romantic about the idea of connecting with a long lost love. This luscious Cleis Press collection of second chance stories celebrates longing and loves that, whether by fate or by design, are at last requited and fulfilled. [...] by Publisher : 'Simon and Schuster'

• Author :_Tiffany Reisz
• Pages :_368 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1488027994
• ISBN-13 :_9781488027994

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• Description : They called themselves “the lucky ones” They were seven children either orphaned or abandoned by their parents and chosen by legendary philanthropist and brain surgeon Dr. Vincent Capello to live in The Dragon, his almost magical beach house on the Oregon Coast. Allison was the youngest of the lucky ones living an idyllic life with her newfound family...until the night she almost died, and was then whisked away from the house and her adopted family forever. Now, thirteen years later, Allison receives a letter from Roland, Dr. Capello’s oldest son, warning her that their father is ill and in his final days. Allison determines she must go home again and confront the ghosts of her past. She’s determined to find out what really happened that fateful night -- was it an accident or, as she’s always suspected, did one of her beloved family members try to kill her? But digging into the past can reveal horrific truths, and when Allison pieces together the story of her life, she’ll learns the terrible secret at the heart of the family she once loved but never really knew. [...] by Publisher : 'MIRA'

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