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Keyword by title : "The Final Fate Of The Alligators"

• Author :_Edward Hoagland
• Pages :_240 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1628724625
• ISBN-13 :_9781628724622

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• Description : From the pages of the New Yorker, Esquire, and the Paris Review, “Edward Hoagland’s collected stories are dazzling” (Ann Beattie). Saul Bellow called him “one of the very best writers of his generation.” Newsweek praised him as “a marvelous writer.” Edward Hoagland, renowned travel writer and essayist, is also an extraordinary writer of fiction, as readers of his stories “The Final Fate of Alligators” and “Kwan’s Coney Island” can attest. Assembled here are stories new and old, spanning from 1960 to the present. First published in the New Yorker, the Paris Review, Esquire, American Review, and Saul Bellow’s famous literary magazine, The Noble Savage, and widely anthologized, in The Best American Short Stories among others, Hoagland’s work continues to amaze readers with evocative prose and finely etched characters. There are the death-defying motorcycle trick riders in the carnival’s Devil’s Tub, a man who keeps an alligator in his bathtub, a Chinese laundry worker in Coney Island in search of love, a frontiersman who saves himself from a grizzly bear by hiding in a beaver dam, three men from a circus looking for trouble at a rodeo, and a washed-up boxer trying to hang on to his career. From the cramped and gritty streets of New York City to the wide open spaces of the Old West, Hoagland’s characters pine, ache, create, observe, love, learn, and live in such precisely rendered stories that we are transported into each of their peculiar worlds. [...] by Publisher : 'Skyhorse'

• Author :_Roland A. Coulson
• Pages :_190 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1483161552
• ISBN-13 :_9781483161556

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• Description : Alligator Metabolism: Studies on Chemical Reactions in Vivo presents a summary of research in vivo on the metabolism of alligators. The volume contains updates of earlier investigations which were presented in Biochemistry of the Alligator, a Study of Metabolism in Slow Motion (1964). Since then, with the aid of better equipment and better methods, it seemed time to correlate and summarize the findings of researchers who have used this remarkable experimental animal with profit. The primary purpose of almost all the research was not to determine the nature of the alligator, but to understand biochemical reactions in vivo and the alligator was a means to that end. The book begins with a chapter on natural history for those scientists, wild-life experts, alligator farmers, zoo keepers etc., whose primary interest is in the nature and habits of the intact alligator. This is followed by separate chapters that deal with metabolic rate, anaerobic glycolysis, digestion-growth-protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, amino acid metabolism, respiration and acid-base balance, and kidney function. [...] by Publisher : 'Elsevier'

• Author :_Stella Blackstone
• Pages :_24 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781846860737
• ISBN-13 :_1846860733

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• Description : G is for giraffe. H is for horse. [...] by Publisher : 'no defined'

• Author :_David Kushner
• Pages :_256 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1451682530
• ISBN-13 :_9781451682533

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• Description : From award-winning journalist David Kushner, a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and other premier magazines, Alligator Candy is a reported memoir about family, survival, and the unwavering power of love. David Kushner grew up in the early 1970s in the Florida suburbs. It was when kids still ran free, riding bikes and disappearing into the nearby woods for hours at a time. One morning in 1973, however, everything changed. David’s older brother Jon biked through the forest to the convenience store for candy, and never returned. Every life has a defining moment, a single act that charts the course we take and determines who we become. For Kushner, it was Jon’s disappearance—a tragedy that shocked his family and the community at large. Decades later, now a grown man with kids of his own, Kushner found himself unsatisfied with his own memories and decided to revisit the episode a different way: through the eyes of a reporter. His investigation brought him back to the places and people he once knew and slowly made him realize just how much his past had affected his present. After sifting through hundreds of documents and reports, conducting dozens of interviews, and poring over numerous firsthand accounts, he has produced a powerful and inspiring story of loss, perseverance, and memory. Alligator Candy is searing and unforgettable. [...] by Publisher : 'Simon and Schuster'

• Author :_William Accorsi
• Pages :_20 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780761117872
• ISBN-13 :_0761117873

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• Description : Joe the dog and his friend Al the alligator try to figure a way to buy an apple orchard and pick the sweet red apples growing there. [...] by Publisher : 'Workman Publishing'

• Author :_C. Peter Wagner
• Pages :_320 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0830755314
• ISBN-13 :_9780830755318

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• Description : For the past half-century, C. Peter Wagner has been at the leading edge of the key spiritual paradigm shifts which have been accompanied by major moves of the Holy Spirit. In the 1960s the missionary movement in South America was at its peak—and Dr. Wagner was there. In the 1970s he was a recognized authority in the church-growth movement. In the 1980s he taught a popular course at Fuller Seminary with Vineyard movement leader John Wimber that advocated praying healing for the sick, spiritual mapping, identificational repentance and spiritual warfare; Dr. Wagner coined the phrase “Third Wave” to describe this fresh move of the Holy Spirit—the impact of which is still being felt today. In the 1990s he became a leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, and in the new millennium he has championed the Dominion Mandate, adopting the Seven Mountain (or 7M) template for reclaiming the culture for God’s Kingdom. For five decades, Dr. Wagner has led the Church from one great move of God to the next, riding the wave of the Spirit through changes he never imagined when he first answered God’s call to ministry. In Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians, C. Peter Wagner tells, for the first time, his personal story of ongoing transformation. Readers will get a close-up view of the seismic shifts in the Church’s recent history, through the eyes of one of the only people to have seen it all unfold. [...] by Publisher : 'Gospel Light Publications'

• Author :_Marjory Stoneman Douglas
• Pages :_190 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781571316448
• ISBN-13 :_1571316442

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• Description : Fleeing bullies and life with his stepfamily, Henry Bunks finds a secret hideaway that becomes his observation point for activities in the Florida Everglades, legal and otherwise. [...] by Publisher : 'no defined'

• Author :_Lesley Wynne Petcher
• Pages :_24 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1554693608
• ISBN-13 :_9781554693603

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• Description : Alligator, Bear, Crab is an ABC book for babies and toddlers alike that introduces the shapes and sounds of the alphabet amid a colorful collection of critters. The bright colors and playful images make for a unique board book, the perfect size for a child's small hands. [...] by Publisher : 'Orca Book Publishers'


2007-12-01 | Fiction

• Author :_Lisa Moore
• Pages :_320 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1555848133
• ISBN-13 :_9781555848132

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• Description : A novel that “does for Newfoundland what Empire Falls did for dying small-town Maine and The Sportswriter did for suburban New Jersey” (Publishers Weekly). Winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and a Globe and Mail Book of the Year St. John’s, Newfoundland, is a city whose spiritual location is somewhere in the heart of Flannery O’Connor country. Its denizens jostle one another in uneasy arabesques of desire, greed, and ambition, juxtaposed with a yearning for purity, depth, and redemption. Colleen is a seventeen-year-old would-be ecoterrorist, drawn inexorably to the places where alligators thrive. Her mother, Beverly, is cloaked in grief after the death of her husband. Beverly’s sister, Madeleine, is a driven, aging filmmaker who obsesses over completing her magnum opus before she dies. And Frank, a young man whose life is a strange anthology of unpredictable dangers, is desperate to protect his hot-dog stand from sociopathic Russian sailor Valentin, whose predatory tendencies threaten everyone he encounters. This debut novel, which moves with swiftness of an alligator in attack mode through the lives of these brilliantly rendered characters, examines the ruthlessly reptilian, and painfully human, sides of all of us. “Glints with wit and jarring insight.” —The Globe and Mail (Toronto) “An astonishing writer.” —Richard Ford [...] by Publisher : 'Open Road + Grove/Atlantic'

• Author :_Matthew Van Fleet
• Pages :_26 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781534426771
• ISBN-13 :_1534426779

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• Description : From #1 New York Times bestselling novelty book creator Matt Van Fleet comes an irresistible picture book about a very hungry alligator who likes to chomp, chomp, chomp, which will delight readers as they learn animal names, colors, and counting. Along came the alligator, chomp, chomp, chomp! From the internationally bestselling children’s book creator Matthew Van Fleet comes the story of a hungry little alligator who gulps his way from one to ten. Ten touchable textures, a sturdy chomping pull tab, and a grand finale pop-up are sure to engage the youngest readers. [...] by Publisher : 'Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books'

• Author :_Jane Yolen
• Pages :_32 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1512411108
• ISBN-13 :_9781512411102

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• Description : Get up close and personal with alligators in all their tooth-filled glory in this collection of poems by New York Times bestselling author Jane Yolen. Rhymes and rhythms reflect on how alligators hunt, keep warm, and care for young. Stunning, large-scale photographs zoom in on these mighty hunters, while fun fact boxes accompany the poetry, providing details that are sure to pique young readers' curiosity. [...] by Publisher : 'Millbrook Press'

Guji Guji

2007-03-01 | Crocodiles

• Author :_Zhiyuan Chen
• Pages :_32 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780958278706
• ISBN-13 :_0958278709

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• Description : 'An egg was rolling on the ground. It rolled through the trees. It rolled across the meadow. It rolled all the way down the hill. Finally it rolled right into a duck's nest. Mother Duck didn't notice. She was reading.' Raised from an egg by Mother Duck, Guji Guji is quite content with his life as a duckling, despite the fact that he doesn't look anything like his brothers. Then he meets three nasty crocodiles who not only convince him that he is one of them, but also try to persuade him to deliver his duck relatives for their dinner. Beautifully illustrated in watercolour and ink, this New York Times Bestseller is the story of a befuddled 'crocoduck' who comes to appreciate families and differences. [...] by Publisher : 'no defined'