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Keyword by title : "One Of Forty Meaningful Numbers"

• Author :_E.W. Bullinger
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• Description : Many writers, from the earliest times, have called attention to the importance of the great subject of Number in Scripture. It has been dealt with, for the most part, in a fragmentary way. One has dealt with some particular number, such as “seven”; another has been content with a view of the primary numbers, and even when defining their significance, has given only one or two examples by way of illustration; another has confined himself to “symbolical numbers,” such as 10, 40, 666, etc.; another has taken up such symbolical numbers in their relation to chronology or to prophecy; another has collected examples, but has dealt little with their meaning. There seemed, therefore, to be room, and indeed a call, for a work which would be more complete, embrace a larger area, and at the same time be free from the many fancies which all, more or less, indulge in when the mind is occupied too much with one subject. Anyone who values the importance of a particular principle will be tempted to see it where it does not exist, and if it be not there will force it in, in spite sometimes of the original text. Especially is this the case when chronology is dealt with, the greater uncertainty of dates lending itself more readily to the author’s fancy. The greatest work on this subject, both chronological and numerical, is not free from these defects. But its value is nevertheless very great. It is by the late Dr. Milo Mahan, of New York. His work Palmoni, which was republished among his collected works, has long been out of print. It greatly increased my interest in this subject, and led me to further study, besides furnishing a number of valuable illustrations. It is too much to hope that the present work should be free from these defects, which are inseparable from human infirmity. From one point of view it is a subject which must prove disappointing, at any rate to the author, for illustrations are continually being discovered; and yet, from another point of view, it would be blasphemy to suppose that such a work could be complete; for it would assume that the wonders of this mine could be exhausted, and that its treasures could be all explored! I must, therefore, be content with the setting forth of general principles, and with giving a few examples from God’s Word which illustrate them, leaving others to extend the application of these principles and search out illustrations of them for themselves. May the result of this contribution to a great subject be to stimulate the labours of Bible students; to strengthen believers in their most holy faith; and to convince doubters of the Divine perfection and inspiration of the Book of Books, to the praise and glory of God. E.W. BULLINGER [...] by Publisher : 'Ravenio Books'

• Author :_David P. Henige
• Pages :_532 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780806130446
• ISBN-13 :_080613044X

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• Description : In the past forty years an entirely new paradigm has developed regarding the contact population of the New World. Proponents of this new theory argue that the American Indian population in 1492 was ten, even twenty, times greater than previous estimates. In Numbers From Nowhere David Henige argues that the data on which these high counts are based are meager and often demonstrably wrong. Drawing on a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, Henige illustrates the use and abuse of numerical data throughout history. He shows that extrapolation of numbers is entirely subjective, however masked it may be by arithmetic, and he questions what constitutes valid evidence in historical and scientific scholarship. [...] by Publisher : 'University of Oklahoma Press'

• Author :_Paul Schachter, Fe T. Otanes
• Pages :_566 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780520049437
• ISBN-13 :_0520049438

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : 'Univ of California Press'

• Author :_Werner W. Liedtke
• Pages :_188 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1426923449
• ISBN-13 :_9781426923449

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• Description : Making Mathematics Meaningful For Students in the Primary Grades shares practical suggestions and unique strategies that will contribute to making mathematics meaningful for young learners. Werner Liedtke is a former elementary educator who has partnered with primary teachers in the classroom environment and authored and co-authored several books and articles about mathematics teaching, learning and assessment, and specific aspects of the mathematics curriculum. He brings a wealth of expertise while sharing valuable information that helps educators, tutors, and parents who homeschool, reach the major goals of the mathematics curriculum. Liedtke includes suggestions for accurate assessment and reporting as well as prompts that illustrate question strategies, all while providing fun and imaginative activities that will help students: * Develop number sense - visualize numbers. * Develop spatial sense imagery and visual thinking. * Learn basic addition and subtraction facts. * Develop mental mathematics strategies. * Foster problem solving abilities, confidence, and mathematical reasoning. The strategies and activities included in this compendium will not only help young learners reach success with mathematics and encourage creative thinking, but will also contribute to their language development, reading comprehension, and the development of evaluative skills. [...] by Publisher : 'Trafford Publishing'

• Author :_Matthew Walker
• Pages :_368 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1501144316
• ISBN-13 :_9781501144318

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• Description : "Sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, wellness, and longevity ... An explosion of scientific discoveries in the last twenty years has shed new light on this fundamental aspect of our lives. Now ... neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker gives us a new understanding of the vital importance of sleep and dreaming" [...] by Publisher : 'Simon and Schuster'

• Author :_Ruth Merttens, David Kirkby
• Pages :_64 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780602290849
• ISBN-13 :_0602290848

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• Description : Aimed at pupils who are struggling with basic number work, this book is divided into maths skills. Each section provides alternative teaching strategies and practical techniques. Straightforward practical activities are suitable for a individual or group work. [...] by Publisher : 'Ginn'

• Author :_Joel Best
• Pages :_217 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780520930025
• ISBN-13 :_0520930029

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• Description : In this sequel to the acclaimed Damned Lies and Statistics, which the Boston Globe said "deserves a place next to the dictionary on every school, media, and home-office desk," Joel Best continues his straightforward, lively, and humorous account of how statistics are produced, used, and misused by everyone from researchers to journalists. Underlining the importance of critical thinking in all matters numerical, Best illustrates his points with examples of good and bad statistics about such contemporary concerns as school shootings, fatal hospital errors, bullying, teen suicides, deaths at the World Trade Center, college ratings, the risks of divorce, racial profiling, and fatalities caused by falling coconuts. More Damned Lies and Statistics encourages all of us to think in a more sophisticated and skeptical manner about how statistics are used to promote causes, create fear, and advance particular points of view. Best identifies different sorts of numbers that shape how we think about public issues: missing numbers are relevant but overlooked; confusing numbers bewilder when they should inform; scary numbers play to our fears about the present and the future; authoritative numbers demand respect they don’t deserve; magical numbers promise unrealistic, simple solutions to complex problems; and contentious numbers become the focus of data duels and stat wars. The author's use of pertinent, socially important examples documents the life-altering consequences of understanding or misunderstanding statistical information. He demystifies statistical measures by explaining in straightforward prose how decisions are made about what to count and what not to count, what assumptions get made, and which figures are brought to our attention. Best identifies different sorts of numbers that shape how we think about public issues. Entertaining, enlightening, and very timely, this book offers a basis for critical thinking about the numbers we encounter and a reminder that when it comes to the news, people count—in more ways than one. [...] by Publisher : 'Univ of California Press'

• Author :_John R. Brokhoff
• Pages :_336 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0788023268
• ISBN-13 :_9780788023262

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• Description : One of the most comprehensive lectionary preaching resources available, the "Lectionary Preaching Workbook" is the one tool you will want to have close at hand to help you get the most out of every minute you spend preparing your Sunday sermon. This completely revised and updated volume provides you with a host of practical aids for effectively proclaiming God's Word. In addition to theological reflections on the three lessons for each Sunday, each chapter also explores a theme for the day (including a prayer and a suggested hymn) and outlines numerous preaching options. You'll also find a handy, easy-to-use Sermon Planner template to facilitate the process of building your sermon. Special features include: - an introduction to Matthew's gospel - overviews for each liturgical season that pinpoint preaching goals and possible sermon series -- and examine the season's customs, history, meaning, and message - a listing of applicable Revised Common, Roman Catholic, and Episcopal lectionary texts - commentary on each Sunday's Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel lessons - theological reflections to help you explore the relationships among all the texts - a variety of preaching options, complete with suggested outlines - available in either paperback or 3-ring binder formats, with wide margins for convenient, easy use John R. Brokhoff, a celebrated preacher, teacher, and writer, is Professor Emeritus of Homiletics at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. He has also served as the pastor of Lutheran congregations in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and is a recipient of the George Washington medal from the Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The original author of the ever-popular CSS "Lectionary Preaching Workbook" series, Brokhoff has written over 30 other works, including three-volume series on "Preaching The Parables" and "Preaching The Miracles" for Cycles A, B, and C, also from CSS Publishing Company. [...] by Publisher : 'CSS Publishing'

• Author :_Robert E. Reys, Mary Lindquist, Mary Montgomery Lindquist, Diana V. Lambdin, Nancy L. Smith
• Pages :_432 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1118654102
• ISBN-13 :_9781118654101

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• Description : Includes bibliographical references (pages 395-406) and index. [...] by Publisher : 'John Wiley & Sons'

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