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• Author :_Kevin Brooks
• Pages :_278 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1909489190
• ISBN-13 :_9781909489196

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• Description : Caitlin's life changes the moment she sees Lucas walking across the causeway one hot summer's day. He is the strangest, most beautiful boy she has ever seen - and when she meets him, her world comes alive. [...] by Publisher : 'Chicken House'

• Author :_Kevin Brooks
• Pages :_423 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780439456982
• ISBN-13 :_0439456983

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• Description : On an isolated English island, fifteen-year-old Caitlin McCann makes the painful journey from adolescence to adulthood through her experiences with a mysterious boy, whose presence has an unsettling effect on the island's inhabitants. [...] by Publisher : 'Chicken House'

• Author :_Ana V. De Oleo
• Pages :_32 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1491841990
• ISBN-13 :_9781491841990

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• Description : When looking for all the right words, sometimes its best to use your own. This book is about the emotionally moving experience that brought two sisters closer together and a well-loved child into a world of love and support. Baby Lucas birth not only changed the lives of his parents, but completely and unexpectedly altered the life of a younger sibling, while she impatiently awaited his entry into the world. However, her patience was rewarded by being named the Godmother of her soon to be nephew and so she wanted to capture this experience and the many others that led to the birth of baby Lucas and the discovery of a bond between two siblings. This book is the account of those experiences. [...] by Publisher : 'Author House'

• Author :_A. Lucas, J. Harris
• Pages :_544 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0486144941
• ISBN-13 :_9780486144948

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• Description : Describes ancient Egypt's vast resources and the processes that incorporated them in daily life, including animal products, building materials, cosmetics, perfumes and incense, fibers, glazed ware, glass, mummification materials, and more. [...] by Publisher : 'Courier Corporation'

• Author :_James D. Johnston
• Pages :_32 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1434363724
• ISBN-13 :_9781434363725

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• Description : This is a story of a brother and sister named Lucas and Celia who live on a small island with their parents. As sailing ships pass their island on a regular basis Lucas always yearns to find out what is on the other side of the horizon where the sky meets the water. One day a sailing ship actually stops and Lucas swims out and upon boarding the ship he hides from sight under the cover of a life boat. When he is eventually found by the Captain of the ship, Lucas starts on an adventure that he could not have dreamt possible....especially the happy ending. [...] by Publisher : 'AuthorHouse'


2000-06 | Fiction

• Author :_Jorge Schneider
• Pages :_112 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0595096964
• ISBN-13 :_9780595096961

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• Description : “Only in the land of dreams the marvelous flower of hope can bloom,” said the elder. Thus it was that Lucas’ journey began. A quest that would confront the green-eyed boy with a doomed mountain (Fear Mountain) and all its hidden perils, a terrifying Ghost (The Ghost of the Black Reality), and ultimately with his own untamed side. The essence of the story can be traced in the two main questions the book asks: How much of our lives are we willing to risk for a chance, only a chance, of finding the life we are yearning for? And once that life is at hand, would we have the courage to overcome our own doubts and fears to ultimately finish our task? This book is for all those who in one way or another are trapped in a life completely opposite to what they are yearning for. This is a story of defeat and victory, agony and joy, despair and hope. This tale is a tribute to the primeval, raw, untamable Human Spirit that dwells in all of us, which when freed from the heavy weight of our own civilization, is capable of reaching the most unimaginable heights. [...] by Publisher : 'iUniverse'

• Author :_Alistair Highet
• Pages :_40 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780898120141
• ISBN-13 :_0898120144

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• Description : One day, in the snow-covered isolation of Nova Scotia, a young man sets out on a hike through the wintry woods with his dog, Lucas. When he loses his way, and as darkness gathers and temperatures plummet, Lucas becomes his only chance for survival. Celebrated artist Etienne Delessert illustrates this dramatic story of friendship. [...] by Publisher : 'The Creative Company'

• Author :_Victor Buchli, Gavin Lucas
• Pages :_208 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1134571372
• ISBN-13 :_9781134571376

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• Description : Archaeologies of the Contemporary Past turns what is usually seen as a method for investigating the distant past onto the present. In doing so, it reveals fresh ways of looking both at ourselves and modern society as well as the discipline of archaeology. This volume represents the most recent research in this area and examines a variety of contexts including: * Art Deco * landfills * miner strikes * college fraternities * an abandoned council house. [...] by Publisher : 'Routledge'

• Author :_Juana Medina
• Pages :_96 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0763672084
• ISBN-13 :_9780763672089

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• Description : A spunky young girl from Colombia loves playing with her canine best friend and resists boring school activities, especially learning English, until her family tells her that a special trip is planned to an English-speaking place. [...] by Publisher : 'Candlewick Press'

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