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• Author :_Kim Purcell
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• ISBN-10 :_1368002358
• ISBN-13 :_9781368002356

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• Description : One week. That's all Jessie said. A one-week break to get some perspective before graduation, before she and her boyfriend, Chris, would have to make all the big, scary decisions about their future--decisions they had been fighting about for weeks. Then, Chris vanishes. The police think he's run away, but Jessie doesn't believe it. Chris is popular and good-looking, about to head off to college on a full-ride baseball scholarship. And he disappeared while going for a run along the river--the same place where some boys from the rival high school beat him up just three weeks ago. Chris is one of the only black kids in a depressed paper mill town, and Jessie is terrified of what might have happened. As the police are spurred to reluctant action, Jessie speaks up about the harassment Chris kept quiet about and the danger he could be in. But there are people in Jessie's town who don't like the story she tells, who are infuriated by the idea that a boy like Chris would be a target of violence. They smear Chris's character and Jessie begins receiving frightening threats. Every Friday since they started dating, Chris has written Jessie a love letter. Now Jessie is writing Chris a letter of her own to tell him everything that's happening while he's gone. As Jessie searches for answers, she must face her fears, her guilt, and a past more complicated than she would like to admit. [...] by Publisher : 'Disney Electronic Content'

• Author :_Kim Purcell
• Pages :_400 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1101566922
• ISBN-13 :_9781101566923

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• Description : Hannah has struggled ever since her parents were killed and her beloved uncle vanished. So when she's offered the chance to leave Moldova and become a nanny for a family in Los Angeles, it seems like a dream come true-and at first it is. But after weeks of working sixteen-hour days and not being able to leave the house, she still hasn't been paid. As things go from bad to worse, Hannah realizes that things are not at all what they seem and she finds herself doing things she never imagined herself capable of. But as she begins uncovering the family's crooked history, she may be exposing more than she bargained on-and putting her life in danger. [...] by Publisher : 'Penguin'

• Author :_
• Pages :_90 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780974125176
• ISBN-13 :_0974125172

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Scott Alan Murphy
• Pages :_148 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0615153747
• ISBN-13 :_9780615153742

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• Description : A Must Have for DJs & Oldies Music Lovers Everywhere! "FUN with Oldies" is a Book of Lists of 50's, 60's, 70's Plus Oldies & Classic Rock & Roll Songs categorized by idea, genre or theme. It started as a feature on My Radio Show when "Gearhead Ed" asked for some CARtoons for "Classic Car Week" like Little Deuce Coupe-Beach Boys, GTO-Ronnie & The Daytonas, or Mustang Sally-Wilson Pickett. You get the idea. Then I started doing three song sets on a variety of different themes calling it "Fun with Oldies". The popularity grew until my loyal listeners requested my music sets! COOL! "Fun with Oldies" The Book was born. Over 180 categories including CARtoons, Susie Songs, Slow Jams, Candy Songs, One Hit Wonders, Girl Groups, Teen Idols, Angels & Devils, Happy Songs, Crying Tunes, Jungle Fever, Jailbird, Wild Wild West, & A Day The Music Died Feature. A Special Addition to Any Oldies Library!!! Buy it, & you'll soon be having your own "FUN with Oldies"! Share the Lunacy! You'll Love it! [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Kim Ode
• Pages :_156 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780873515672
• ISBN-13 :_0873515676

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• Description : Bored with book group? Join the St. Paul Bread Club as they fashion their favorite recipes, share tips and secrets that have long been kept, and build a rich community dedicated to the art of the perfect loaf. [...] by Publisher : 'Minnesota Historical Society'

• Author :_Carolyn Purcell
• Pages :_230 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1630476889
• ISBN-13 :_9781630476885

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• Description : Suffering complications after obtaining an illegal abortion, a young mother of three nearly loses her life and does lose her family. Saving Jane Doe is the story of her quest to restore her relationship with her children. It is told by Dr. Cara Land, the young doctor who meets her while a medical student and becomes her lifelong friend. When Jane Doe is homeless, penniless, alone, and jobless, Cara helps her land a job working as a housekeeper for a wise and wealthy, elderly widower, Cara’s Uncle Henry. Because of her circumstances following the abortion, Jane finds herself with unique opportunities to assist each of her children when they face their own difficult choices, but honesty and forgiveness are needed before she can help. It takes years for her to overcome her shame and to be honest with her children about why she suddenly left and did not return home. Two of the three children feel abandoned and unloved and have difficulty forgiving her. Only Grace, the youngest daughter and least flawed character, never withdraws in anger, but in her innocence she still suffers. After reading Saving Jane Doe you will want a doctor and friend like Cara Land. You will wish you had the wise counsel of Uncle Henry. You will see that one mistake need not define your life. Finally, you will see that there is power in love and forgiveness. [...] by Publisher : 'Morgan James Publishing'

• Author :_Natalie J. Purcell
• Pages :_242 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780786484065
• ISBN-13 :_0786484063

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• Description : Death Metal is among the most despised forms of violently themed entertainment. Many politicians, conservative groups and typical Americans attribute youth violence and the destruction of social values to such entertainment. The usual assumptions about the Death Metal scene and its fans have rarely been challenged. This book investigates the demographic trends, attitudes, philosophical beliefs, ethical systems, and behavioral patterns within the scene, seeking to situate death metal in the larger social order. The Death Metal community proves to be a useful microcosm for much of American subculture and lends insight into the psychological and social functions of many forbidden or illicit entertainment forms. The author's analysis, rich in interviews with rock stars, radio hosts, and average adolescent fans, provides a key to comprehending deviant tendencies in modern American culture. [...] by Publisher : 'McFarland'

• Author :_Min Kym
• Pages :_256 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0241977398
• ISBN-13 :_9780241977392

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• Description : 'All my life my Stradivarius had been waiting for me, as I had been waiting for her . . .' At 7 years old Min Kym was a prodigy, the youngest ever pupil at the Purcell School of Music. At 11 she won her first international prize. She worked with many violins, waiting for the day she would play 'the one'. At 21 she found it: a rare 1696 Stradivarius, perfectly suited to her build and temperament. Her career soared. She recorded the Brahms concerto and a world tour was planned. Then, in a train station café, her violin was stolen. In an instant her world collapsed. She descended into a terrifying limbo land, unable to play another note. This is Min's extraordinary story - of a young woman staring into the void, wondering who she was, who she had been. It is a story of isolation and dependence, of love, loss and betrayal, and the intense, almost human bond that a musician has with their instrument. Above all it's a story of hope through a journey back to music. [...] by Publisher : 'Penguin UK'

• Author :_Chris Crutcher
• Pages :_288 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0062190245
• ISBN-13 :_9780062190246

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• Description : In this terrifying and provocative novel by the bestselling and award-winning author of Deadline and Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, a teenage boy tries to uncover what happened to a girl who has vanished from his high school. Was she abducted, or did she run for her life? Paul "The Bomb" Baum tells the truth. No matter what. It was something he learned at Sunday school. But telling the truth can cause problems, and not just minor ones. And as Paulie discovers, finding the truth can be even more problematic. Period 8 is supposed to be that one period in high school where the truth can shine, a safe haven. Only what Paulie and Hannah (his ex-girlfriend, unfortunately) and his other classmates don't know is that the ultimate liar is in their midst. Terrifying, thought-provoking, and original, this novel combines all the qualities of a great psychological thriller with the controversy, ethics, athletics, humor, and raw emotion of a classic Crutcher story. [...] by Publisher : 'Harper Collins'

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