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• Author :_Emelie Schepp
• Pages :_400 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1460398785
• ISBN-13 :_9781460398784

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• Description : Marked for Revenge by Emelie Schepp will be available Aug 29, 2017. Preorder your copy today! [...] by Publisher : 'MIRA'

Marked for Life

2016-12-15 |

• Author :_Emelie Schepp
• Pages :_ sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781848455375
• ISBN-13 :_1848455372

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Emelie Schepp
• Pages :_416 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1489267697
• ISBN-13 :_9781489267696

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• Description : An accidental slip of a blade... Then murderous revenge... A patient's accidental maiming leads a young surgeon to abandon his profession... Now, ten years later, a series of gruesomely senseless murders are rocking the medical community. The weapon? A surgical scalpel. Who is preying on these victims? What does the grisly pattern reveal? And who will be next? Special prosecutor Jana Berzelius is in charge of the investigation. What she can't know until finally closing in on the murderer is how her own mother's recent death is intimately connected. For fans of Tess Gerritsen and Patricia Cornwell, an intricate medical thriller that keeps everyone guessing. 2017 SWEDISH CRIME WRITER OF THE YEAR 'Schepp may be the smoothest storyteller among the new crop of Nordic noir aces...the ingenious plot reveals and hidden connections keep you glued to the action.' – Kirkus Reviews [...] by Publisher : 'HarperCollins Australia'

• Author :_Freeman Miller, Steven J. Bachrach
• Pages :_496 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1421422158
• ISBN-13 :_9781421422152

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• Description : When their child has cerebral palsy, parents need answers. They seek up-to-date advice they can count on to make sure their child has the best possible health and well-being. For three editions now, a team of experts associated with the Cerebral Palsy Program at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children have shared vital information through this authoritative resource for parents, who will turn to it time and time again as their child grows. The new edition is thoroughly revised to incorporate the latest medical thinking, including advances in diagnosis, treatment, and terminology. Every chapter includes new content on topics ranging from genetics to pain, temperature control, palliative care, why growth suppression is sometimes recommended, the Affordable Care Act, and how to make it easier for siblings to cope. Chapter 8 has been entirely rewritten to better help adolescents prepare for the transition to adulthood. New classification systems, such as the gross motor function classification system and the Functional Mobility System, are described and explained. And a number of emerging therapies—including marijuana oil, cord blood transfusion, deep brain stimulation, epilepsy surgery, and growing spinal rods—are explored. Intended for parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists, and others who care for and about people with cerebral palsy and cerebral palsy−like conditions, this is an essential and compassionate guide. Key Features: • Detailed descriptions of specific patterns of involvement (hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia)• Explanations of the medical and psychosocial implications of CP• Photographs and drawings that complement the text• Practical advice about caregiving, from nutrition to mobility • An illustrated encyclopedia that defines and describes terms, diagnoses, medical and surgical procedures, and orthopedic and other assistive devices• Lists of resources and recommended reading, which include a number of online sources [...] by Publisher : 'JHU Press'

• Author :_John Manning
• Pages :_512 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780786021833
• ISBN-13 :_0786021837

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• Description : One By One. . . Two decades ago, at a private women's college in upstate New York, a student was brutally attacked in her dorm room. Her assailant was never found. . . They Disappear. . . Sue Barlow arrives at Wilbourne College twenty years later. When a classmate disappears, Sue thinks it's an isolated incident. But then two other girls vanish. . . And Die. . . As fear grows on campus, Sue begins to sense she's being watched. And as the body count rises, she soon realizes that a twisted psychopath is summoning her to play a wicked game--a game that only will end when she dies. . . "If you like Dean Koontz, you'll love John Manning!" --Wendy Corsi Staub, New York Times bestselling author [...] by Publisher : 'Pinnacle Books '

• Author :_Emelie Schepp
• Pages :_384 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1488010404
• ISBN-13 :_9781488010408

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• Description : When a high-ranking head of the migration board is found shot to death in his living room, there is no shortage of suspects, including his wife. But no one expects to find mysterious, child-size fingerprints in this childless home. Public prosecutor Jana Berzelius steps in to lead the investigation. Young and brilliant but emotionally cold, Berzelius, like her famous prosecutor father, won't be swayed by the hysterical widow or intimidated by the threatening letters the victim had tried to hide. She is steely, aloof, impenetrable. That is, until the boy… A few days later on a nearby deserted shoreline, the body of a derelict preteen is discovered, and with him, the murder weapon that killed the official. Berzelius finds herself drawn more deeply into the case when, as she attends the boy's autopsy, she recognizes something familiar on his small, scarred, drug-riddled body. Cut deep into his flesh are initials that scream child trafficking and trigger in her a flash of memory from her own dark childhood. Her connection to this boy has been carved with deliberation and malice that penetrate to her very core. Now, to protect her own horrific but hidden past, she must find the real suspect behind these murders before the police do. International bestselling author Emelie Schepp introduces us to the enigmatic, unforgettable Jana Berzelius in this first novel of a suspenseful, chilling trilogy. [...] by Publisher : 'MIRA'

• Author :_Anna Jansson
• Pages :_364 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9789187173998
• ISBN-13 :_9187173999

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• Description : Maria Wern investigates a nurse's death on her wedding day in the medieval and mythical town of Visby, on the Swedish island of Gotland. [...] by Publisher : ''

• Author :_Deborah Crombie
• Pages :_480 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_023076178X
• ISBN-13 :_9780230761780

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• Description : Olympic rowing hopeful and senior Metropolitan Police officer DCI Rebecca Meredith goes out alone to train on the river in Henley on a dark afternoon in late October – and doesn’t return. When a desperate search by the police and a K9 team reveals the possibility of foul play, Scotland Yard wants one of their own on the case. Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid, returning from celebrating his marriage to long-time partner Detective Inspector Gemma James, is called to Henley to investigate. He soon finds that the world of elite rowing can be brutal, and that Rebecca Meredith’s ex-husband was not the only person with good reason for wanting her dead. Then, when a search-and-rescue team member is threatened, Kincaid realizes the case may be even more complex and more dangerous than he believed. But it is only when he enlists Gemma’s aid that they find that the answers lie closer to home than they could have imagined – and are infinitely more deadly. It seems that more than one innocent life depends on their ability to track down the killer. [...] by Publisher : 'Pan Macmillan'

• Author :_Marie Hermanson
• Pages :_384 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1405517972
• ISBN-13 :_9781405517973

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• Description : Is this Heaven . . . or Hell? Estranged identical twins Daniel and Max have a complex relationship, so when Daniel goes to visit his bi-polar brother in a remote and expensive Swiss 'recovery' clinic, he has no idea what really lies in wait for him. Lulled by the routine and peacefulness of the clinic, Daniel finds himself unquestioningly accepting Max's plea for help in taking care of some business, and the brothers swap places for a few days. But soon Daniel realises Max isn't coming back, and that the clinic is far from a place of recovery. Struggling to get anyone to believe who he really is, Daniel finds himself trapped in a cruel and highly secretive prison: this is no sanctuary, it's a living nightmare . . . With the atmosphere of Shutter Island and the intensity of Jussi Adler-Olsen, immerse yourself in this relentlessly compelling psychological thriller from one of Sweden's bestselling crime authors. [...] by Publisher : 'Hachette UK'

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