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• Author :_Byron Lonewolf
• Pages :_112 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1490882758
• ISBN-13 :_9781490882758

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• Description : Breaking the Video Game Addiction is designed to offer advice to the public about the hazards and dark nature of gaming. What began as a simple past time hobby turned into a vice and tool to distract and desensitize. In this book, parents will find information that may help them better monitor and reduce their childs game play. Adults will find useful tips that can help them reduce conflict in their relationships if gaming is involved by offering suggestions that can help them avoid confrontations with their spouse. Byron Lonewolf is the author of Breaking the Video Game Addiction. He spends his days writing and helping other parents and gamers learn about the hazards of gaming and reawakens the trapped gamer to the growing dangers looming around us that so many are still unawake to. [...] by Publisher : 'WestBow Press'


2016-10-22 |

• Author :_Corey Hardin
• Pages :_130 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781539685517
• ISBN-13 :_1539685519

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• Description : Video games are great. They take us to virtual worlds and can help us create virtual and real-life bonds with others who enjoy the same games. This use of video games is life-enhancing. However, when things get out of balance and video games become our life and reality it's time to get help because we are nursing an addiction. If you are ready to break free, "Addicted" is that first step to help you get your life back. [...] by Publisher : 'Createspace Independent Publishing Platform'

Digital Addiction

2017-01-15 |

• Author :_Lora Ziebro
• Pages :_90 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781520206035
• ISBN-13 :_1520206038

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• Description : Internet addiction is a very real threat. Do you find yourself struggling to break free from TV or social media? Do you wish you didn't waste so much time online? Does your family suffer because of time that you are "away" from them, even if you are in the same room? Do you need help to break free? "Digital Addiction: Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Internet, TV and Social Media" will educate you, inspire you and release you from this bondage. Millions of people are caught in the web of digital addiction, whether it is a phone, tablet, TV, gaming device or social media. It is changing everything about people's social interaction and it has largely been ignored. In this very powerful read, Lora Ziebro unpacks how digital distractions have robbed all of us of precious time. She shows how much time we have sacrificed and what we can do to regain it for ourselves and for those we love. She wrote this book after going to dinner one night and noticing that almost everyone around her was on their cell phones. She saw that no one seemed to be having real interaction with each other and she realized that this same problem was present, at times, in her own life. She understood the need for a book that didn't just inform, but also helped families get stronger. That was the birth of "Digital Addiction: Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Internet, TV and Social Media". This book will change the way you think about the Internet and digital will call you to a place of freedom where you can experience true, deep and lasting relationships with those who matter the most. [...] by Publisher : 'no defined'

• Author :_Kevin Roberts
• Pages :_204 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1592859941
• ISBN-13 :_9781592859948

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• Description : Recovering video game addict Kevin Roberts offers a step-by-step guide to recovery for those struggling with compulsive video gaming and internet surfing. Video gaming and Internet surfing are the top sources of entertainment for tens of millions of North Americans today. As these technologies continue to grow and flourish, so does the number of people becoming obsessively absorbed in the imagination and fantasy that they present. More and more people are isolating themselves, turning their backs on reality, ignoring family and friends, and losing their sleep and even their jobs due to excessive use of video games and the Internet--and they continue to do so despite harmful consequences to their mental, physical, and spiritual health, a telltale sign of addiction. In this groundbreaking book, recovering video game addict Kevin Roberts uses extensive scientific and social research, complemented by his and others' personal stories, to give compulsive gamers and surfers--and their family and friends--a step-by-step guide for recovery. He outlines the ways that "cyber junkies" exhibit the classic signs of addiction and reveals how they can successfully recover by following a program similar to those used for other addictions. Readers learn to identify whether they have an addiction, find the right resources to get individualized help, and regain a rewarding life away from the screen by learning new thoughts and behaviors that free them from the cravings that rule their lives. Included is a guide for parents for working with their addicted children. [...] by Publisher : 'Hazelden Publishing'

• Author :_Amnon Carmi
• Pages :_224 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_3642825958
• ISBN-13 :_9783642825958

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• Description : G. di Gennaro Abuse of drugs has reached such magnitude that it is regarded by most govern ments, scholars, and experts as one of the major problems of present-day society. The highest values of individuals and social groups are strongly attacked or are at risk as a result of the spread of drug abuse. As a consequence, society is deprived of the contribution of many of its members toward the establishment of better condi tions of life. On the other hand, considerable portions of the limited resources of so ciety are diverted to assist, cure, and rehabilitate drug addicts. The enormous gains derived from illicit traffic in drugs are contributing tremendously to the strengthen ing of criminal organizations and the rise of new aggressive criminal syndicates. The financial means of these groups are invested in illegal enterprises which extend the criminals' power to various sectors of the economy. One should recognize that the vast criminal network which is behind this crimi nal big business has achieved such strength that it acts as a counter-power. Corrup tion, racketeering, oppression, and illicit influences are among the dreadful ele ments which unavoidably accompany drug trafficking. The price paid for this by humanity is incommensurate. [...] by Publisher : 'Springer Science & Business Media'

• Author :_Kourosh Dini
• Pages :_168 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780595454709
• ISBN-13 :_0595454704

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• Description : Video games are a powerful and growing force in our society, and children are spending more and more time planted in front of the television or computer. But as parents, you may be worried about how they affect your children. When does play become problematic? How does video gaming fit into the general community?Containing a wealth of information, this valuable primer answers these and other questions related to video games. Kourosh Dini, MD, a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist and gamer, has researched video gaming and presents a balanced and intelligent discussion on its advantages and disadvantages from a psychological standpoint. This primer will help parents to: Gain an understanding of the allure of video games See how video games can provide positive growth Learn what to consider in assessing for addiction or problematic play Understand the draw of community and social networking within game worlds Consider the future of society and video games Targeted to parents who want to know what's safe and what isn't for their children, Video Game Play and Addiction contains the information you need to help you navigate the twenty-first-century world of video games. [...] by Publisher : 'no defined'

• Author :_Natasha Dow Schüll
• Pages :_442 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0691127557
• ISBN-13 :_9780691127552

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• Description : machines stems from the consumer, the product, or the interplay between the two. -- [...] by Publisher : 'Princeton University Press'

• Author :_Ryan G. Van Cleave
• Pages :_288 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_0757313620
• ISBN-13 :_9780757313622

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• Description : WARNING: This video game may impair your judgment. It may cause sleep deprivation, alienation of friends and family, weight loss or gain, neglect of one's basic needs as well as the needs of loved ones and/or dependents, and decreased performance on the job. The distinction between fantasy and reality may become blurred. Play at your own risk. Not responsible for suicide attempts, whether failed or successful. No such warning was included on the latest and greatest release from the Warcraft series of massive multiplayer on-line role-playing games (MMORPGs)--World of Warcraft (WoW). So when Ryan Van Cleave--a college professor, husband, father, and one of the 11.5 million Warcraft subscribers worldwide--found himself teetering on the edge of the Arlington Memorial Bridge, he had no one to blame but himself. He had neglected his wife and children and had jeopardized his livelihood, all for the rush of living a life of high adventure in a virtual world. Ultimately, Ryan decided to live, but not for the sake of his family or for a newly found love of life: he had to get back home for his evening session of Warcraft. A fabulously written and gripping tale, Unplugged takes us on a journey through Ryan's semi-reclusive life with video games at the center of his experiences. Even when he was sexually molested by a young school teacher at age eleven, it was the promise of a new video game that lured him to her house. As Ryan's life progresses, we witness the evolution of videogames--from simple two-button consoles to today's complicated multi-key technology, brilliantly designed to keep the user actively participating. As is the case with most recovering addicts, Ryan eventually hits rock bottom and shares with the reader his ongoing battle to control his impulses to play, providing prescriptive advice and resources for those caught in the grip of this very real addiction. [...] by Publisher : 'Health Communications, Inc.'

• Author :_Andrew P. Doan
• Pages :_199 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781935576020
• ISBN-13 :_193557602X

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• Description : "As is true with many addictions, overuse of video games steals our valuable and limited time and minds." - Christie Morse, MD (Pediatric Ophthalmologist) "Shocking insights into the minds of hardcore gamers." - Daniel Hunt (Former Competitive Gamer) About the Book The multi-billion dollar video game industry is in the business of creating fun and enticing games that can be addictive. As addicted gamers feast on digital indulgences, real life is neglected and their reality crumbles around them. Headlines related to video games "New Mexico mom gets 25 years for starving daughter." - Fox News "China used prisoners in lucrative Internet gaming work." - Guardian News "Online gamer killed for selling virtual weapon." - Sydney Morning Herald "South Korean dies after games sessions." - BBC News Hooked on Games is written by Brooke Strickland and Andrew Doan, MD, PhD, a physician with a research background in neuroscience, who battled his own addictions with video games. Dr. Doan was an addicted gamer, who at his peak, invested over 20,000 hours of playing games over a period of nine years. Dr. Doan's reckless compulsion to play games transformed him into a monster that almost destroyed his family, marriage, and career. He shares his expertise to educate others on the dangers of video game addiction and to provide hope for video game addicts and their families. Dr. Doan shares steps for gaming addicts to achieve recovery and steps for families and loved ones to intervene. Without attention to this quickest growing addiction, our society will suffer from the creation of Generation Vidiot, millions of people devoid of innovation and skills to live in the physical world. [...] by Publisher : 'Fep International'

• Author :_Nicholas Kardaras
• Pages :_288 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1250097991
• ISBN-13 :_9781250097996

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• Description : We’ve all seen them: kids hypnotically staring at glowing screens in restaurants, in playgrounds and in friends' houses—and the numbers are growing. Like a virtual scourge, the illuminated glowing faces—the Glow Kids—are multiplying. But at what cost? Is this just a harmless indulgence or fad like some sort of digital hula-hoop? Some say that glowing screens might even be good for kids—a form of interactive educational tool. Don’t believe it. In Glow Kids, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras will examine how technology—more specifically, age-inappropriate screen tech, with all of its glowing ubiquity—has profoundly affected the brains of an entire generation. Brain imaging research is showing that stimulating glowing screens are as dopaminergic (dopamine activating) to the brain’s pleasure center as sex. And a growing mountain of clinical research correlates screen tech with disorders like ADHD, addiction, anxiety, depression, increased aggression, and even psychosis. Most shocking of all, recent brain imaging studies conclusively show that excessive screen exposure can neurologically damage a young person’s developing brain in the same way that cocaine addiction can. Kardaras will dive into the sociological, psychological, cultural, and economic factors involved in the global tech epidemic with one major goal: to explore the effect all of our wonderful shiny new technology is having on kids. Glow Kids also includes an opt-out letter and a "quiz" for parents in the back of the book. [...] by Publisher : 'Macmillan'

• Author :_Kimberly S. Young
• Pages :_248 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9780471191599
• ISBN-13 :_0471191590

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• Description : Describes the symptoms of Internet addiction, explores why the network is so seductive to some users, and offers techniques for helping addicts regulate their use [...] by Publisher : 'John Wiley & Sons'

• Author :_Kerry B. Dennis
• Pages :_420 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781540466617
• ISBN-13 :_1540466612

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• Description : The "Digital Crack" epidemic: Overcoming Gaming Addiction is intended to reach anyone who is suffering from gaming addiction who desires to be free of addiction and achieve wellness. This can include anyone in the early, middle, or late stages of recovery who desires to enhance their recovery. It can also include any addiction professional, social worker, mental health professional, clergy, faith-based professional, or lay therapist who desires to help others to achieve wellness or enrich themselves. [...] by Publisher : 'Createspace Independent Publishing Platform'