Dog Diaries: A Middle School Story

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• Author :James Patterson, Steven Butler and Richard Watson
• Pages :
208 Sheets
• ISBN-10 :
• ISBN-13 :9780316487481
• Release :
December 3, 2018
• Publisher :
jimmy patterson

⊕ Plot Summary : “Here’s lyceum for young readers–through the eyes of Rafe Khatchadorian’s misbehaving dog, Junior! once rule-breaking Rafe must train his new dog in obedience faculty, you recognize things area unit on the point of get very ruff! American state boy, oh boy, American state boy! i have been looking ahead to ages to inform my story, and currently it’s finally happening! Being Rafe’s dog isn’t simple, however it’s forever EXCITING! I’ve got such a lot to inform you about:
-How I defend the yard from birds, raccoons, squirrels, raccoons, mail carriers…and did I mention RACCOONS?
-Sniffing pooch posteriors for the most recent canine news.
-And the terrific monster concealment within the hall closet: the vacuum cleaner!

These were all the foremost paw-some elements of my doggy life–until the evil Mrs. Stricker vulnerable to send Pine Tree State back to the pound if I did not learn to behave. currently Rafe and that i need to visit obedience faculty and win the trophy for Best Trained Dog…or else!”

⊗ Author Profile

“Richard Watson (born 1961) is Associate in Nursing English author, lecturer and futurist identified for his 2007 book Future Files: a quick History of following fifty Years and for his infographics, particularly his Trends & Technology Timeline 2010-2050 and therefore the Timeline of rising Science and Technology 2015-2030.

He has written five books concerning the longer term and is that the founding father of What’s Next, a web site that documents world trends. He has been a blogger on innovation for quick Company Magazine and has written concerning power, innovation, and future thinking for a spread of publications together with Future Orientation (Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies) and What Matters (McKinsey & Company). he’s a someone of state of affairs coming up with Associate in Nursingd an advocate of most popular futures, basic cognitive process it’s incumbent upon organisations to make compelling visions of the longer term and work towards their realisation.

In addition to writing, Watson works with the Technology Foresight apply at Imperial school London and Lectures at London grad school and therefore the King’s Fund. he’s conjointly a network member of Stratforma and has worked with the Strategic Trends Unit at the united kingdom Ministry of Defence, the RAND Corporation, CSIRO, the cupboard workplace and therefore the Departments of Education within the United Kingdom and Australia.”

“Born in New York in 1947, James Patterson published his first novel in 1976. The same year, he won the Edgar Award for Detective Novel. He is now the author of more than thirty best-sellers translated worldwide. Many of his thrillers have been adapted to the screen.”

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