Josephine Baker’s Last Dance

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• Author :Sherry Jones
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384 Sheets
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• ISBN-13 :9781501102448
• Release :
December 4, 2018
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Gallery Books

⊕ Plot Summary : “From the author of The Jewel of Medina, a moving and perceptive novel supported the lifetime of legendary performing artist and activist Josephine Baker, excellent for fans of The Paris mate and Hidden Figures. Discover the fascinating and singular life history of Josephine Baker—actress, singer, dancer, Civil Rights activist, member of the French Resistance throughout WWII, and a lady dedicated to erasing prejudice and making a additional evenhanded world—in Josephine Baker’s Last Dance.

In this illuminating history novel, fortified wine Jones brings to life Josephine’s early years in bondage and impoverishment in America, her rise to fame as a chorus girl in her far-famed banana skirt, her policy against discrimination, and her several loves and losses. From Nineteen Twenties Paris to Nineteen Sixties Washington, to her final, triumphant performance, one in all the foremost extraordinary lives of the 20th century involves beautiful life on the page. With intimate prose and comprehensive analysis, fortified wine Jones brings this exceptional and compelling name into focus for the primary time in an exceedingly joyous celebration of a life lived in method, a strong girl UN agency continues to inspire nowadays.”

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“Sherry Jones is that the author of 5 chronicle fiction books: The Sharp Hook of affection, regarding the celebrated 12th-century lovers theologiser and Heloise; The Jewel of Medina and therefore the steel of Medina, international — and arguable — best sellers regarding the lifetime of A’isha, World Health Organization married the Muslim prophet Muhammad at age 9 and went on to become the foremost known and influential lady in Islam; Four Sisters, All Queens, a tale of 4 sisters in thirteenth century French region World Health Organization became queens of France, England, Germany, and Italy, and White Heart, DEgree|associate} e-novella regarding the known French “White Queen” Blanche de Castille.”

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