Virgil Wander

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• Author :Leif Enger
• Pages :
352 Sheets
• ISBN-10 :
• ISBN-13 :9780802128782
• Release :
October 2, 2018
• Publisher :
Grove Press

⊕ Plot Summary : “The first novel in 10 years from triumph, million-copy bestselling author Leif Enger, Publius Vergilius Maro Wander is a fascinating and unaltered all-American story that follows the inhabitants of atiny low western city in their quest to revive its drooping heart. western picture palace owner Publius Vergilius Maro Wander is “cruising on at medium altitude” once his automobile flies off the road into icy Lake Superior. Publius Vergilius Maro survives however his language and memory square measure altered and he emerges into a world now not acquainted to him. rousing during this new life, Publius Vergilius Maro begins to piece along his personal history and also the mental object of his broken city, with the assistance of a solid of cordial and curious locals–from grapheme, a twinkling, pipe-smoking, kite-flying unknown work the mystery of his disappeared son; to Nadine, the reserved, fascinating adult female of the nonexistent man; to Tom, a journalist and Virgil’s oldest friend; and varied members of the Leguminosae World Health Organization should confront tragedies of their own. Into this community returns a shimmering prodigal son World Health Organization might hold the key to renewing their city.

With intelligent humor and charming whimsy, Leif Enger conjures an interesting portrait of a locality and its residents, who, for reasons of selection or circumstance, ne’er created it out of their defunct industrial district. Carried aloft by ordinary pleasures as well as movies, fishing, necking in place cars, enjoying baseball and falling crazy, Publius Vergilius Maro Wander may be a swift, full journey into the guts associated brokenheartedness of an typically unnoticed yank higher Middle West by a “formidably gifted” (Chicago Tribune) master storyteller.”

⊗ Author Profile
“Leif Enger was raised in Osakis, Minnesota, and worked as a newsman and producer for American state Public Radio for nearly twenty years. He lives on a farm in American state along with his married person and 2 sons.”

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• Description : Midwestern movie house owner Virgil Wander is "cruising along at medium altitude" when his car flies off the road into icy Lake Superior. Virgil survives but his language and memory are altered and he emerges into a world no longer familiar to him. Awakening in this new life, Virgil begins to piece together his personal history and the lore of his broken town, with the help of a cast of affable and curious locals?from Rune, a twinkling, pipe-smoking, kite-flying stranger investigating the mystery of his disappeared son; to Nadine, the reserved, enchanting wife of the vanished man, to Tom, a journalist and Virgil's oldest friend; and various members of the Pea family who must confront tragedies of their own. Into this community returns a shimmering prodigal son who may hold the key to reviving their town. With intelligent humor and captivating whimsy, Leif Enger conjures a remarkable portrait of a region and its residents, who, for reasons of choice or circumstance, never made it out of their defunct industrial district. Carried aloft by quotidian pleasures including movies, fishing, necking in parked cars, playing baseball and falling in love, Virgil Wander is a swift, full journey into the heart and heartache of an often overlooked American Upper Midwest by a "formidably gifted" (Chicago Tribune) master storyteller. [...] by Publisher : 'Hachette UK'

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• Author :_Kim Vogel Sawyer
• Pages :_352 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781441202321
• ISBN-13 :_1441202323

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• Description : Three orphaned immigrant children are separated, but long to find each other again. A prairie story in the tradition of Janette Oke. [...] by Publisher : 'Bethany House'

• Author :_Sarah Stonich
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• Description : Poignant portrayals of life on the edge in northern Minnesota border country, from the best-selling author of These Granite Islands and Vacationland Bitter winters are nothing new in Hatchet Inlet, hard up against the ridge of the Laurentian Divide, but the advent of spring can’t thaw the community’s collective grief, lingering since a senseless tragedy the previous fall. What is different this year is what’s missing: Rauri Paar, the last private landowner in the Reserve, whose annual emergence from his remote iced-in islands marks the beginning of spring and the promise of a kinder season. The town’s residents gather at the local diner and, amid talk of spring weather, the latest gossip, roadkill, and the daily special, take bets on when Rauri will appear—or imagine what happened to him during the long and brutal winter. Retired union miner and widower Alpo Lahti is about to wed the diner’s charming and lively waitress, Sissy Pavola, but, with Rauri still unaccounted for, celebration seems premature. Alpo’s son Pete struggles to find his straight and narrow, then struggles to stay on it, and even Sissy might be having second thoughts. Weaving in and out of each other’s reach, trying hard to do their best (all the while wondering what that might be), the residents of this remote town in all their sweetness and sorrow remind us once more of the inescapable lurches of the heart and unexpected turns of our human comedy. [...] by Publisher : 'U of Minnesota Press'

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• Description : For fans of All the Light We Cannot See, Beneath a Scarlet Sky, and The Nightingale comes an emotionally gripping, beautifully written historical novel about extraordinary hope, redemption, and one man's search for light during the darkest times of World War II. Germany, 1942. Franciscan friar Anton Starzmann is stripped of his place in the world when his school is seized by the Nazis. He relocates to a small German hamlet to wed Elisabeth Herter, a widow who seeks a marriage--in name only--to a man who can help raise her three children. Anton seeks something too--atonement for failing to protect his young students from the wrath of the Nazis. But neither he nor Elisabeth expects their lives to be shaken once again by the inescapable rumble of war. As Anton struggles to adapt to the roles of husband and father, he learns of the Red Orchestra, an underground network of resisters plotting to assassinate Hitler. Despite Elisabeth's reservations, Anton joins this army of shadows. But when the SS discovers his schemes, Anton will embark on a final act of defiance that may cost him his life--even if it means saying goodbye to the family he has come to love more than he ever believed possible. [...] by Publisher : 'Lake Union Publishing'

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• Description : From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series comes a brand-new novel about arson investigator, Anne Ashburn, who is consumed by her troubled past, her family’s scorched legacy, and her current case: chasing a deadly killer. Anne Ashburn is a woman consumed... By her bitter family legacy, by her scorched career as a firefighter, by her obsession with department bad-boy Danny McGuire, and by a new case that pits her against a fiery killer. Strong-willed Anne was fearless and loved the thrill of fighting fires, pushing herself to be the best. But when one risky decision at a warehouse fire changes her life forever, Anne must reinvent not only her job, but her whole self. Shattered and demoralized, Anne finds her new career as an arson investigator a pale substitute for the adrenaline-fueled life she left behind. She doesn't believe she will ever feel that same all-consuming passion for her job again--until she encounters a string of suspicious fires setting her beloved city ablaze. Danny McGuire is a premiere fireman, best in the county, but in the midst of a personal meltdown. Danny is taking risks like never before and seems to have a death wish until he teams up with Anne to find the fire starter. But Danny may be more than a distraction, and as Anne narrows in on her target, the arsonist begins to target her. From the creator of the bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood, get ready for a new band of brothers. And a firestorm. [...] by Publisher : 'Gallery Books'

• Author :_Frances Itani
• Pages :_304 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781555848125
• ISBN-13 :_1555848125

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• Description : Finalist for the Commonwealth Writers Prize: A poignant, comic and “effective feminine counterpoint to . . . Philip Roth’s Everyman” (The Washington Post). Born on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II, Canadian Georgina Whitley is one of ninety-nine lucky Commonwealth residents invited to Her Majesty’s eightieth birthday lunch at Buckingham Palace. But en route to the airport to board the plane for London, Georgie’s car slips off the road and plunges into a thickly wooded ravine. Thrown from the car, injured, and unable to move, she must rely on her full store of family memories, her no-nonsense wit, and a recitation of the names of the bones in her body—an exercise from childhood—to remind her that she is still very much alive. But what has the entirety of her life meant? As Georgina lies stranded and helpless, she reflects on her eighty years as a daughter, mother, sister, wife, and widow, on lost loves and secrets, and on painful moments of the past she struggles not to recall. With this exquisite, suspenseful and surprising tale of the staying power of family through time and memory, “Itani exposes the richness and depth beneath the surface of one ordinary life” (The New Yorker). [...] by Publisher : 'Open Road + Grove/Atlantic'

• Author :_John Ellis
• Pages :_132 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_
• ISBN-13 :_NYPL:33433075870075

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• Description : [...] by Publisher : 'no defined'