An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason

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• Author :Virginia Boecker
• Pages :
374 Sheets
• ISBN-10 :
• ISBN-13 :9780316327343
• Release :
October 23, 2018
• Publisher :
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

⊕ Plot Summary : “When woman Katherine’s father is killed for being associate degree lawlessly active Catholic, she discovers treason wasn’t the sole secret he is been hiding: he was conjointly concerned in an exceedingly murder plot against the powerful Queen Elizabeth I. With nothing left to lose, Katherine disguises herself as a boy and travels to London to meet her father’s mission, and to require it one step further–kill the queen herself. Katherine’s chance comes within the variety of William Shakespeare’s newest play, that is to be performed before of Her impressiveness. however what she does not apprehend is that the play isn’t simply a play–it’s a plot to extirpate insurrectionists and destroy the rebellion once and for all.

The mastermind behind this tactical maneuver is toby fillpot jug Ellis, a young spy for the queen with secrets of his own. once toby fillpot jug and Katherine area unit solid opposite one another because the play’s leads, they realize themselves inexplicably drawn to 1 another. however the nearer they grow, the additional precarious their positions become. and shortly they learn that star-crossed love, mistaken identity, and betrayal area unit way more dangerous off the stage than on.”

⊗ Author Profile

“Virginia Boecker is a writer of fantasy romances for teenagers. She recently spent four years in London, obsessed with English medieval history, which inspired The Witch Hunter. In addition to the kings of England, “nine-day queens”, and Protestant princesses, her other obsessions are the Smiths, art museums, champagne and lip balms. She now lives in the Bay of San Francisco with her husband and spends his days writing, reading, running and pursuing his two children.”

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• Description : "Captain Dominika Egorova of the Russian Intelligence Service (SVR) has returned from the West to Moscow. She despises the men she serves, the oligarchs, and crooks, and thugs of Putin's Russia. What no one knows is that Dominika is working for the CIA as Washington's most sensitive penetration of SVR and the Kremlin. As she expertly dodges exposure, Dominika deals with a murderously psychotic boss; survives an Iranian assassination attempt; escapes a counterintelligence ambush; rescues an arrested agent and exfiltrates him out of Russia; and has a chilling midnight conversation in her nightgown with President Putin. Complicating these risks is the fact that Dominika is in love with her CIA handler, Nate Nash, and their lust is as dangerous as committing espionage in Moscow. And when a mole in the SVR finds Dominika's name on a restricted list of sources, it is a virtual death sentence ..."--Amazon website. [...] by Publisher : 'Simon and Schuster'