The Dream Daughter

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• Author :Diane Chamberlain
• Pages :
384 Sheets
• ISBN-10 :
• ISBN-13 :9781250087300
• Release :
October 2, 2018
• Publisher :
St. Martin’s Press

⊕ Plot Summary : “When King of Great Britain Sears receives the news that her unhatched female offspring includes a heart defect, she is destroyed. it’s 1970 and there looks to be very little that may be done. however her in-law, a scientist, tells her that maybe there’s. Hunter appeared in their lives simply a couple of years before—and his look was as mysterious as his past. With no family, no friends, and a background shrouded in secrets, Hunter embraced the Sears family and ne’er looked back. Now, Hunter is telling her that one thing is done regarding her baby’s heart. one thing which will shatter each opinion that King of Great Britain has. one thing which will need a form of strength and courageousness that King of Great Britain ne’er knew existed. one thing which will mean a psychoactive leap of religion on Caroline’s half. and every one for the love of her unhatched kid. A rich, genre-spanning, breathless novel regarding one mother’s quest to avoid wasting her kid, unite her family, and believe the unbelievable. Diane Chamberlain pushes the boundaries of religion and science to deliver a completely unique that you just can always remember.”

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“Born in Plainfield, New Jersey. Psychologist by training, Diane Chamberlain is American and author of more than a dozen novels exploring the subtleties familailes.”

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• Description : New York Times bestselling author Diane Chamberlain delivers a thrilling, mind-bending novel about one mother's journey to save her child. When Carly Sears, a young woman widowed by the Vietnam war, receives the news that her unborn baby girl has a heart defect, she is devastated. It is 1970, and she is told that nothing can be done to help her child. But her brother-in-law, a physicist with a mysterious past, tells her that perhaps there is a way to save her baby. What he suggests is something that will shatter every preconceived notion that Carly has. Something that will require a kind of strength and courage she never knew existed. Something that will mean an unimaginable leap of faith on Carly's part. And all for the love of her unborn child. The Dream Daughter is a rich, genre-spanning, breathtaking novel about one mother's quest to save her child, unite her family, and believe in the unbelievable. Diane Chamberlain pushes the boundaries of faith and science to deliver a novel that you will never forget. Praise forThe Dream Daughter: "Chamberlain writes with supernatural gifts...fate, destiny, chance and hope combine for a heady and breathless wonder of a read." --Pam Jenoff,New York Times bestselling author ofThe Orphan's Tale "Can a story be both mind-bending and heartfelt? In Diane Chamberlain's hands, it can. The Dream Daughterwill hold readers in anxious suspense until the last satisfying page." --Therese Fowler,New York Times bestselling author ofZ [...] by Publisher : ''

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• Description : 'Fans of Jodi Picoult's style will love how Diane Chamberlain writes' Candis 'I love Diane's writing' Cathy Kelly, author of The Year That Changed Everything The Stolen Marriage is a compelling novel from Diane Chamberlain, the bestselling author of The Silent Sister, Pretending to Dance and The Midwife’s Confession. In 1944, Tess DeMello abruptly ends her engagement to the love of her life, marries a mysterious stranger and moves to Hickory, North Carolina. Tess’s new husband, Henry Kraft, is a secretive man who often stays out all night and Tess quickly comes to realize that she is now trapped in a strange and loveless marriage. The people of Hickory love and respect Henry and see Tess as an outsider, treating her with suspicion and disdain. What does everyone know about Henry that she does not? When a polio epidemic strikes the town, taking the lives of some of its children, the townspeople band together to quickly build a polio hospital. Tess, who has a nursing degree, bucks Henry’s wishes and begins to work at the hospital. As Henry’s actions grow more baffling and alarming by the day, can she untangle her husband’s mysterious behaviour and save her own life? [...] by Publisher : 'Pan Macmillan'

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• Description : A woman discovers an impossible connection that transcends time and place in this stirring, unforgettable novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Thief. “A splendid mix of time travel, romantic yearning, and moving on after grief.”—Publishers Weekly Isabel Griffin has done her best to move on since her boyfriend, Max Adair, vanished without a trace eight years ago, leaving her heartbroken—and pregnant. Eerily enough, this isn’t the first time someone Isabel loves has gone missing. When she was sixteen, her mother disappeared, and her father became obsessed with finding his long-lost wife—at the expense of parenting Isabel. Determined not to repeat her father’s mistakes, Isabel works hard to become a respected archaeologist and a loving mother to her daughter, Finn, a little girl with very unusual abilities. But while Isabel is on a dig in Barbados, she receives a disturbing phone call. The hauntingly familiar voice on the other end speaks just four words—“Isabel. Keep her safe.”—before they’re disconnected. Isabel tries to convince herself that the caller can’t possibly be Max. But what if it is, and Finn is in danger? As one mysterious event after another occurs, she can’t shake the feeling that, despite what everyone else believes, Finn’s father is alive—and he’s desperately trying to reach her. Advance praise for The Dream Keeper’s Daughter “Moving effortlessly between modern-day South Carolina and nineteenth-century Barbados, Emily Colin takes her readers on a passionate and sweeping tale of a woman haunted by a loss she can’t explain, and a future she can’t yet choose. Lavishly plotted and expertly paced, with characters as richly drawn as their settings, The Dream Keeper’s Daughter explores what it means to follow our hearts—even at the risk of losing what we hold most dear. I was captured from the first page and, like Colin’s lovers who are fighting time and space to be reunited, came up for air only after the remarkable journey was complete.”—Erika Marks, author of The Last Treasure “In The Dream Keeper’s Daughter, Emily Colin thins out the line between present and past, dream and reality, and allows you to cross over into a haunting world that will make your heart race, weep, and celebrate things that are lost and found. This story immerses you in a time that should not be forgotten and explores the infinite rippling effect of decisions, guilt, accountability, and love.”—Samantha Sotto, author of Love and Gravity Praise for Emily Colin’s The Memory Thief “Mesmerizing . . . dazzlingly original and as haunting as a dream.”—Caroline Leavitt, author of Pictures of You “[A] richly emotional tale . . . a writer to watch.”—Joshilyn Jackson, author of A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty [...] by Publisher : 'Ballantine Books'

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• Description : "In the small Amish town of Charm, Ohio, a young teacher and a farmer discover they have much in common, especially when it comes to healing old wounds from the past ... and finding love in one another"-- [...] by Publisher : 'Center Point'

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• Description : In her heartwarming and empowering memoir, space pioneer Anousheh Ansari tells the story of her childhood in Iran and her family's exodus to America after the Islamic Revolution. After settling down in Texas, Anousheh built a computer technology firm from the ground up, which eventually realized a net worth of $750 million and ultimately allowed her to achieve her childhood dream of spaceflight. In her groundbreaking role as the first-ever female commercial spaceflight participant, her story became politicized and fraught with the prejudices and obstacles she had to overcome as an Iranian woman, culminating in a debate over whether she would be allowed to display both the American and Iranian flags on the sleeve of her spacesuit. After her return to Earth, Anousheh started The Ansari Foundation, a quickly growing nonprofit which supports social entrepreneurship, and is especially committed to ensuring the freedom of women around the world and supporting female entrepreneurs. Ultimately, this evocative story shows the triumph of a woman who has become a role model to people around the globe struggling to overcome economic and cultural barriers, as well as those dreamers who look upon the stars and wish to soar among them. [...] by Publisher : 'Palgrave Macmillan Trade'

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