Normal People

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• Author :Sally Rooney
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266 Sheets
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• ISBN-10 :0571334644
• Release :
August 28, 2018
• Publisher :
Faber & Faber

⊕ Plot Summary : “Connell and Marianne each get older within the same city in rural eire. The similarities finish there; they’re from terribly completely different worlds. however they each get places to check at university in Irish capital, and a affiliation that has grownup between them despite the social tangle of faculty lasts long into the subsequent years. Sally Rooney’s second novel could be a deeply political novel, even as it is also a unique concerning love. It’s concerning however troublesome it’s to talk to what you’re feeling and the way troublesome it’s to alter. It’s wry and seductive; perceptive and daring. it’ll cause you to cry and you may recognize yourself through it. Rooney has achieved a exploit that appears not possible when Conversations with Friends. Her new novel feels seminal and true and also the hold it’ll have over its readers are one amongst the best incidence this Gregorian calendar month.”

⊗ Author Profile

“Sally Rooney an Irish author. She has a degree in English and American Literature from Trinity College in Dublin. After her first novel, “Conversations with Friends” (2017), she published “Normal People”, selected for the 2018 edition of the Booker Prize. She lives in Dublin.”

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