Broken Things

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• Author :Lauren Oliver
• Pages :
416 Sheets
• ISBN-10 :
• ISBN-13 :9780062224132
• Release :
October 2, 2018
• Publisher :

⊕ Plot Summary : “It’s been 5 years since Summer Marks was viciously dead within the woods. everybody thinks Mia and Brynn killed their ally. That driven by their obsession with a unique known as The approach into unloved the 3 ladies had imaginary themselves into the supernatural world wherever their fantasies became twisted, even deadly. the sole issue is: they didn’t love. On the day of remembrance of Summer’s death, a ostensibly insignificant discovery resurrects the mystery and pulls Mia and Brynn back along once more. however because the lines begin to blur between past and gift and fiction and reality, the women should confront what extremely happened within the woods all those years ago—no matter however monstrous.

“Oliver masters the slow reveal during this mystery-laden thriller… Taut and twisting, Oliver’s latest are a few things special.” (Booklist (starred review))

“Captivating and sinister from the beginning, the novel’s depiction of feminine frenemies and villains is recent and sophisticated… a must have.” (School Library Journal)

“Expect readers to own abundant to debate with a provocative and discordant conclusion… A page-turner needless to say.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“This novel has all the weather of a thriller—an unsolved murder, long-held secrets and lies, sorrowing best friends…[and] it succeeds in making associate eerie setting and atmosphere.” (Publishers Weekly)”

⊗ Author Profile

“Lauren Oliver, whose real name is Laura Suzanne Schechter, is a novelist. After obtaining a BA in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Chicago in 2004, she worked as an assistant editor at Razorbill Editions of Penguin Books in New York. In 2008 she obtained a Master of Creative Writing (MFA) at the University of New York. “The Last Day of My Life” (Before I Fall, 2010), her first novel, becomes a bestseller, and she leaves her job to devote herself to full-time writing. In 2017, “The Last Day of My Life” was adapted to the cinema and directed by Ry Russo-Young.”

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• Description : "When Quinn Cruz receives a cryptic text message from her older sister, Nora, she doesn't think much of it. They haven't seen each other in nearly a year, and their relationship consists mostly of infrequent phone calls and the occasional e-mail. But when a haunted-looking Nora shows up just hours later, a chain reaction is set into motion that will change both of their lives forever. It's a matter of life and death, of family and freedom, and the lengths a woman will go to protect the ones she loves"--Page 4 of cover. [...] by Publisher : 'Simon and Schuster'

• Author :_Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
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• Description : A novel of exceptional heart and imagination about the ties that bind us to each other, broken and whole, from one of the most exciting voices in Canadian fiction. September, 1983. Fourteen-year-old Bo, a boat person from Vietnam, lives in a small house in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto with his mother, Thao, and his four-year-old sister, who was born severely disfigured from the effects of Agent Orange. Named Orange, she is the family secret; Thao keeps her hidden away, and when Bo's not at school or getting into fights on the street, he cares for her. One day a carnival worker and bear trainer, Gerry, sees Bo in a streetfight, and recruits him for the bear wrestling circuit, eventually giving him his own cub to train. This opens up a new world for Bo--but then Gerry's boss, Max, begins pursuing Thao with an eye on Orange for his travelling freak show. When Bo wakes up one night to find the house empty, he knows he and his cub, Bear, are truly alone. Together they set off on an extraordinary journey through the streets of Toronto and High Park. Awake at night, boy and bear form a unique and powerful bond. When Bo emerges from the park to search for his sister, he discovers a new way of seeing Orange, himself and the world around them. All the Broken Things is a spellbinding novel, at once melancholy and hopeful, about the peculiarities that divide us and bring us together, and the human capacity for love and acceptance. [...] by Publisher : 'Random House Canada'

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• Description : Award-winning author Andrea Boeshaar takes readers into the world of a woman who comes face to face with broken relationships of the past. An old photograph prompts Allison Drake Littenberg to return to Chicago to mend fences with family members and friends, particularly Jack Callahan, the handsome cop she left back in 1969. Now, 30 years later, Jack is bitter from bad decisions and a nasty divorce. Even so, Allie prays that God will use her own broken past to touch his life - and the life of a dying, abused, and disheartened woman who, Allie realizes, is the key to unlocking answers to decades of questions. Can she reach them both? Will God use her to successfully open Jack's locked heart? [...] by Publisher : 'Lighthouse Publishing'

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• Description : This collection of some of Elder Holland's most memorable recent talks inspires readers to maintain hope amidst personal trials, suffering, and family struggles by riveting their attention on the Savior who has the power to heal. [...] by Publisher : 'Deseret Book'

• Author :_Dipika Mukherjee
• Pages :_232 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_1910924156
• ISBN-13 :_9781910924150

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• Description : Colonel S - biomedical engineer, explosives expert, and the Malaysian government go-to hitman - has been doing the dirty work of the rich and corrupt for years now and is ready for his final job. One that will ensure the domination of the Muslims over the Malaysian state. The target? Kuala Lumpur International Airport. All he needs is a little help from his old friend and protege, Dr. Jay Ghosh. Despite the dangerous circumstances and Jay's own tragic Malaysian history, which he has been running from for 30 years, he cannot refuse the man who once saved his life. But, when Jay contacts Agni, the daughter of his first love with dangerous secrets of her own and a hunch that Colonel S is not all he seems, Jay is torn between righting the wrongs of his past and remaining loyal to a blood oath he has finally been called on to repay. Set in modern day Malaysia, divided by religions vying for control of the state with violence and manipulation, Ode to Broken Things rings true in an increasingly dangerous world fraught with warfare, conflicting cultures, dysfunctional governments, and terrorism. However, Dipika Mukherjee's focus on the characters' interwoven histories forms the story's overarching message that, despite race, ethnicity, or religion, the same blood runs in our veins. [...] by Publisher : 'Duncan Baird Publishers'

• Author :_Theodore Wheeler
• Pages :_233 sheets
• ISBN-10 :_9781503941465
• ISBN-13 :_1503941469

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• Description : With characters depicted in precise detail and wide panorama—a kept-woman’s parlor, a contentious interracial baseball game on the Fourth of July, and the tragic true events of the Omaha Race Riot of 1919—Kings of Broken Things reveals the folly of human nature in an era of astonishing ambition. During the waning days of World War I, three lost souls find themselves adrift in Omaha, Nebraska, at a time of unprecedented nationalism, xenophobia, and political corruption. Adolescent European refugee Karel Miihlstein’s life is transformed after neighborhood boys discover his prodigious natural talent for baseball. Jake Strauss, a young man with a violent past and desperate for a second chance, is drawn into a criminal underworld. Evie Chambers, a kept woman, is trying to make ends meet and looking every which way to escape her cheerless existence. As wounded soldiers return from the front and black migrant workers move north in search of economic opportunity, the immigrant wards of Omaha become a tinderbox of racial resentment stoked by unscrupulous politicians. Punctuated by an unspeakable act of mob violence, the fates of Karel, Jake, and Evie will become inexorably entangled with the schemes of a ruthless political boss whose will to power knows no bounds. Written in the tradition of Don DeLillo and Colum McCann, with a great debt to Ralph Ellison, Theodore Wheeler’s debut novel Kings of Broken Things is a panoramic view of a city on the brink of implosion during the course of this summer of strife. [...] by Publisher : 'Little A'