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• Author :Stephen Markley
• Pages :
544 Sheets
• ISBN-13 :
• ISBN-10 :0345803787
• Release :
May 20, 2014
• Publisher :
Anchor; Reprint edition

⊕ Plot Summary : “The debut of a serious talent; a lyrical ANd emotional novel set in an prototypal village in northeastern Ohio—a region ravaged by the nice Recession, AN opioid crisis, and therefore the wars in Asian nation and Afghanistan—depicting one feverish, fateful summer night in 2013 once four former classmates converge on their town, every with a mission, all haunted by the ghosts of their shared histories. Since the flip of the century, a generation has come back older knowing solely war, recession, political traffic jam, racial hostility, and a preparation worry of environmental misfortune. within the country’s forgotten pockets, wherever business way back fled, wherever foreclosures, Walmarts, and opiates riddle the land, death rates for rural whites have skyrocketed, oxyacetylene by suicide, addiction and a rampant sense of marginalisation and disenchantment. this can be the planet the characters in writer Markley’s good debut novel, Ohio, inherit. this can be New Holy Land.

On one fateful summer night in 2013, four former classmates converge on the rust belt city wherever they grew up, every of them with a mission, all of them haunted by regrets, secrets, lost loves. There’s Bill Ashcraft, AN alcoholic, drug-abusing activist, whose unproductive ambitions have taken him from Asian country to Zuccotti Park to point of entry, and currently back to “The Cane” with a mysterious package strapped to the side of his truck; Stacey Moore, a scholarly person candidate reluctantly braving the mother of her former lover; Dan Eaton, a back veteran of 3 tours in Asian nation, home for a dinner date with the highschool sweetheart he’s tried to forget; and therefore the stunning, fragile Tina Ross, whose rendezvous with the captain of the squad triggers the novel’s stunning climax. right away a whodunit and a social critique, Ohio ingeniously captures the broken smell of a nation through the finder of AN embattled western city and offers a discerning vision for America at the dawn of a turbulent new age.”

⊗ Author Profile

“Stephen Markley’s debut novel “Ohio” are printed in August of 2018 by Simon and Schuster. Markley is that the author of the memoir “Publish This Book: The Unbelievable True Story of however I Wrote, Sold, and printed This terribly Book” (2010) and therefore the travelog “Tales of Iceland.” His work has appeared in Paste Magazine, Slate.com, The Iowa Review, Chicago’s flight, The Week, The Chicago apsis, The Rumpus, Weber: A Study of the up to date West, and therefore the Chicago Reader. He’s additionally the author of the e-reader short “The nice Dysmorphia: Associate in Nursing epistemic read of Ingesting psychoactive Mushrooms at a 2012 Republican Presidential dialogue.”

Stephen Markley is that the author of Ohio: a completely unique, that is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster in August of 2018. he is additionally the author of Publish This Book and Tales of Iceland. he’s a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop and his essays and short fiction is found scattered across the web. He presently lives in la.”

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