Our House

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• Author :Louise Candlish
• Pages :
416 Sheets
• ISBN-13 :
• ISBN-10 :045148911X
• Release :
August 7, 2018
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⊕ Plot Summary : “When Fiona Lawson comes home to search out strangers going in her house, she’s positive there is been a slip. She and her alienated husband, Bram, have a contemporary co-parenting arrangement: nest custody, wherever every parent spends some nights every week with their 2 sons at the prized family home to keep up stability for his or her kids. however the system engineered to guard their family winds up golf stroke them in terrible danger. in a very result of crimes and misdemeanors, the nest comes tumbling down. currently Bram has disappeared so have Fiona’s kids. As events spiral well on the far side her management, Fiona can discover simply what number lies her husband was weaving and the way very little they really knew one another. however Bram’s not the sole one with things to cover, and a few secrets area unit best unbroken to oneself, safe as homes.”

⊗ Author Profile

“Briton Louise Candlish studied literature at University faculty London. once Since you are gone, Before speech communication adieu is his second novel printed within the Presses Diamond State la Cité. Louise Candlish was born in Hexham, county, and grew up within the Midlands city of Northampton. She studied English at University faculty London and lives in Herne Hill in South London along with her husband and girl. She is that the author of twelve novels, together with her innovative adventure story Our House (Simon & Schuster UK), a hardback bestseller associated currently an ebook #1 bestseller. it’s printed on seven August 2018 within the U.S.A. (Berkley).

Louise’s novel The fulminant Departure of the Frasers (2015) has been optioned for TV by Hartswood Films. Besides books, the items Louise likes best are: coffee; TV; cats and dogs; preserved caramel; France (especially the Ile Diamond State Re); Italia (especially Sicily); tennis; soup; life-style magazine; ‘Book at Bedtime’; lasagne; serious metal; ‘The Archers’; driving towards the ocean (but not into it); something at the Royal Opera House; white wine; Reese’s spread Cups (or, failing that, a Starbar).”

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