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• Author :Christina Dalcher
• Pages :
326 Sheets
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• ISBN-10 :0440000785
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August 21, 2018
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⊕ Plot Summary : “Set in AN America wherever 0.5 the population has been suppressed, communication is that the torturing, persistent story of what one lady can do to guard herself and her female offspring. On the day the govt. decrees that girls aren’t any longer allowed over a hundred words daily, Dr. Jean McClellan is in denial—this cannot happen here. Not in America. Not to her. this can be simply the start. before long ladies will not hold jobs. ladies aren’t any longer educated to scan or write. Females not have a voice. Before, the common person spoke sixteen thousand words daily, however currently ladies solely have 100 to form themselves detected. however this can be not the top. For herself, her female offspring, and each lady suppressed, Jean can reclaim her voice.

“Christina Dalcher’s debut novel, set in a very recognizable close to future and guaranteed to beg comparisons to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale, asks: if the quantity of words you may speak day after day was suddenly and severely restricted, what would you are doing to be heard? a unique ripe for the time of #MeToo, communication (Berkley) presents AN exaggerated state of affairs of girls lacking a voice: within the us, they’re subject to a hundred-word limit per day (on average, an individual’s utters regarding sixteen,000). Considering the threat of a society during which youngsters just like the protagonist’s six-year-old female offspring area unit bereft of language, communication highlights the urgency of movements like #MeToo, however conjointly of the fundamental importance of language.”—Vanity truthful. “The females in Dalcher’s exciting debut area unit permissible to talk simply a hundred words a day—and that’s particularly troublesome for the novel’s protagonist, Jean, a linguistic scientist. A futurist adventure story that feels uncomfortably plausible.”—O, Oprah Magazine

“In Christina Dalcher’s communication, ladies area unit solely allowed to talk a hundred words daily. Sounds pretty sci-fi, however the real-life parallels can cause you to shiver.”—Cosmpolitan. “Vox may be a real page-turner which will charm to folks with huge imaginations.”—Refinery29. “Fittingly, this book regarding ladies being suppressed possesses everyone talking and career it The Handmaid’s Tale for 2018.”—Bustle. “VOX is intelligent, nail-biting, provocative, and intensely disturbing—everything an excellent novel ought to be.”—Lee kid, #1 big apple Times bestselling author. “Chilling and gripping—a real page-turner.”—Karen Cleveland, big apple Times bestselling author of got to grasp. “A bold, brilliant, and persistent debut.”—Alice Feeney, author of generally I Lie

“With language crystalline and gleaming, and a narrative that basically moves, Christina Dalcher each cautions and captivates. The names that come back to mind area unit Margaret Atwood, writer, and Aldous Huxley—had Orwell and Huxley had a style of the data age. communication may be a book for the dystopic gift. It woke Pine Tree State up.”—Melissa Broder, author of The Pisces. “[A] provocative debut…Dalcher’s novel carries AN undeniably powerful message.”—Publishers Weekly. “A alarming re-imagining of The Handmaid’s Tale within the gift and a timely reminder of the ability and importance of language.”—Marta Bausells, ELLE UK. “This book can blow your mind. The Handmaid’s Tale meets solely Ever Yours meets the ability.”—Nina Pottell, Prima”

⊗ Author Profile

“Christina Dalcher earned her doctor’s degree in theoretical linguistics from Georgetown University. She focuses on the acoustics of sound amendment in Italian and British dialects, and has tutored at universities within the u. s., England, and therefore the United Arab Emirates. Her short stories and flash fiction seem in over 100 journals worldwide. Recognitions embrace the tub Flash Award’s list, nominations for better of internet and Best little Fictions, and multiple different awards. She teaches flash fiction as a member of the school of The Muse Writers Center in city, Virginia. once disbursal many years abroad, last in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Dalcher and her husband currently split their time between the yankee South and metropolis, Italy. The road to writing a unique, the stories that bubble in my brain, associated my general thoughts on being an author. described by Laura William Bradford|printer|pressman} of Bradford Literary Agency.”

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