Of Mice and Men

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Book Information

• Author :
John Steinbeck and Penelope
• Pages :
104 sheets
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• ISBN-13 :978-1722733551
• Release :
July 11, 2018
• Publisher :
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

⊕ Plot Summary : “I finished reading this classic a couple of couple minutes agone, and that i have to be compelled to be honest. i actually likable it. This book deserves its place on the counseled reading lists. It’s short thus it ought to charm to the casual reader. In fact, you’ll be able to end it during a couple hours. The edition I even have may be a mere 118 pages long, however every page is jam filled with emotional dialogue between characters, and vivid imaging that offers off the texture of that “backwoods America”. It ne’er gets boring (at least for me). However, this story doesn’t have a cheerful ending. If books might create someone cry, pass the bottom in agony, and feel depressed for alittle quantity of your time subsequently, this might be one in every of them.”

⊗ Author Profile

Nationality: United States
Born in: Salinas, the 27/2/1902
Dead at: New York, 20/12/1968

John Ernest Steinbeck is an American writer. He is the son of John Steinbeck Senior, Treasurer, and Olive, a teacher. His paternal grandfather is of German origin. He has three sisters: Elizabeth (1894-1992), Esther (1892-1986) and Mary (1905-1965). After high school in Salinas, he studied at Stanford University, but dropped out of school and moved to New York City in 1925.

He worked briefly at the New York American and returned to Salinas in 1926. His first novel, “The Golden Cup,” a historical fiction written in 1929, was unsuccessful. On the other hand, “Tortilla Flat”, written in 1935, earned him his first literary prize, the gold medal for the best novel written by a Californian awarded by the Commonwealth Club of California. This humorous story ensures success.

In 1936, he published “Mice and Men” and “In a dubious fight”. Three years later, what he sees as his best work, “The Grapes of Wrath.” In 1940, when the novel is adapted to the cinema, he receives the Pulitzer Prize. He published his other great novel “East of Eden” in 1952. In his novels, Steinbeck often portrays characters from the working class who faced the Great Depression in California.

He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962 and the Freedom Medal of the United States in 1964. In 1966 is published his ultimate book, “An engaged artist”, a collection of reports, chronicles and political essays.

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