Happy Doomsday: A Novel

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• Author :David Sosnowski
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September 1, 2018
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⊕ Plot Summary : “The end of the globe is that the weirdest time to come back getting on. Welcome to the top of the globe. One minute, individuals area unit going regarding their lives, and also the next—not. within the wake of the unexplained purge, solely one or two of young misfits remains.

When it all went down, “Wizard of Odd” Dev Brinkman was seeking shelter from the taunts of his classmates. Goth woman Lucy Abernathy had lost her succor and had no clue wherever to show. And Twinkie-loving quarterback “Marcus” Haddad was learning why you ne’er discuss politics and faith in polite company—or on-line.

As if life once you’re sixteen isn’t confusing enough, give the challenges of postapocalyptic subsistence, a case of survivor’s guilt turned up to seven billion, and also the little task of reconstruction humankind… nobody aforementioned doomsday would be a breeze. except for Dev, Lucy, and Marcus, the best hope—and greatest threat—will return once they notice one another.

If you’ll settle for Happy Doomsday’s basic long-shot premise—suddenly, (almost) everyone dies—then you’re certain a rare treat, a deeply felt and regularly humorous coming-of-age tale like nothing else I’ve scan.

The lone survivors of “the whatever-it-was” area unit 3 teens already troubled through the trials lately adolescence. For Dev—who was once told that he has Asperger’s syndrome, associate degree armchair identification that Dev altogether owns—hell is others, and their sharp absence looks like a miraculous delivery. Lucy is pregnant, sorrowful her bestie, and out of choices. Marcus is associate degree all-American child with a sinister secret life on-line.

Within this nearly utterly uninhabited world, author David Sosnowski’s treatment of those soi-disant outsiders provides Happy Doomsday with its singular charm. There aren’t any zombies during this funny apocalyptic tale, simply 3 imperfect, striving, and—through Sosnowski’s masterful narrative voice—identifiable characters whose stories i will be able to always remember.

Novels are, at their core, regarding empathy—encouraging USA to pity their characters and, ultimately, each other. And during this sense, Happy Doomsday is one in every of the foremost triple-crown novels I’ve ever had the respect to figure on. Oh, and don’t worry regarding false advertising: it’s no spoiler to mention that Happy Doomsday encompasses a terribly happy ending. I’ll be recommending this book for years to come back, and that i hope you may too.”

⊗ Author Profile

David Sosnowski – has worked as a gag author, fireworks salesperson, phonephone questioner, university writing educator, and environmental-protection specialist whereas living in places as totally different as Washington, DC; Motown, Michigan; and Fairbanks, Alaska. in an exceedingly novelistic twist, David presently lives in an exceedingly Michigan home antecedently in hand by the sixth-grade instructor United Nations agency impressed him to put in writing. A winner of the Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize, David’s short fiction has appeared in varied magazines, as well as Passages North, River City, and Last Frontier Quarterly Review. he’s conjointly the author of the critically acclaimed novels Rapture and Vamped.”

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