Hotel Sacher: A Novel

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• Author :Rodica Doehnert
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273 Sheets
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September 1, 2018
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⊕ Plot Summary : “One girl takes hold of her inheritance in associate degree epic tale of Viennese romance, deception, and danger. Vienna, 1892. Against all odds, at the peak of young lady Époque splendor, Pakistani monetary unit Sacher has taken possession of her late husband’s building, across the road from the notable house. At a time once dominant such a business was a chance afforded solely to men, Pakistani monetary unit is as watchful as she is relentless. Now, underneath her possession, the building Sacher thrives amid the tumult of a ever-changing continent, as intrigue follows within the shadows.

Through its deluxe halls stride guests from all walks of life, together with a number of the foremost exciting figures of Viennese society—opera singers, princes, princesses—and the maids and manservants WHO assist them. Some guests can notice romance. Some can unearth secrets. and a few can discover far more than they expected…

From the instant I met the characters within the early pages of this page-turner set at the dawn of the 20 th century in cosmopolitan Austrian capital, I knew that this dramatic story would fascinate ME till the last page.

Anna Sacher and her husband run a lavish building, the still-famous building Sacher. once the premature death of her husband, Pakistani monetary unit seemingly would have baby-faced poorness for herself and her kids, were she a meeker soul. Or she would are forced to marry the primary man WHO offered her security—in this case, her own father-in-law! however against all odds, Pakistani monetary unit continues to run the building on determination alone, fostering a world tenanted by colourful characters from all walks of Viennese life, from the employees downstairs to the accomplished artists and royals WHO use the building for his or her assignations and throw off the more and more prosaic outside world.

We follow these characters in their lives outside the building. Young Marie Stadler, WHO has worked at the building since the age of six, is taken from her family for reasons that may take her a time period to uncover. recently married patrician and blue blood von Traunstein and also the artists Maximilian and Martha Aderhold every harbors their own secrets and become entangled with each other as war involves Europe.

Viewers of Downton Abbey and readers of Kate Quinn can devour the skillful manner that author Rodica Doehnert guides U.S. through her richly careful world of passion, betrayal, and revenge—set against one in all the foremost volatile eras in modern history. It ought to return as no surprise that Doehnert, associate degree accomplished scriptwriter and director, 1st rendered the story of building Sacher and its inhabitants as a tv series, that was an enormous hit throughout the communicatory world.”

⊗ Author Profile

Rodica Doehnert – studied guiding at the school of tv and Film in Potsdam-Babelsberg and has worked for twenty years as a film writer, manufacturing advanced, thoughtful screenplays. Her three-part tv series building Adlon: A Family adventure story won the 2013 Magnolia Award for Best International Miniseries at the nineteenth Shanghai International tv competition and has been seen by over thirty million viewers in over twenty-five countries.”

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