My Boyfriend’s Dad

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• Author :Amy Brent
• Pages :
375 Sheets
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• Release :
July 28, 2018
• Publisher :
Amazon Digital Services LLC

⊕ Plot Summary : “My man introduced United States of America. He was handsome, charming, and sweet. we have a tendency to were friends. currently everything’s modified. after I see him, my heart hurts knowing I can’t have him. after I don’t see him, it hurts even additional. My man MEant} to form me feel protected. create my body ache for his bit. however it’s not my man United Nations agency makes Maine feel that approach. It’s his father.


I gave her employment to be nice. She was the right acceptable my company. I had no plan she’d be the right acceptable Maine. on a daily basis we have a tendency to pay along, it gets tougher to mention goodnight. I can’t bit her. She’s 24 and I’m 49. And she’s my son’s girlfriend. however he’s not treating her right. and that i understand i might. She simply asked Maine what she ought to do regarding their relationship. What am I reaching to tell her?”

⊗ Author Profile

“Please click “FOLLOW” if you want to be updated regarding my latest releases. i’m therefore proud and intensely appreciative to my readers for creating Pine Tree State a high ten Amazon author, and for showering my books with such a lot love. it’s attributable to you i’m able to do what i like doing most – write!

Amy writes hot, spicy romances that feature beautiful alpha men United Nations agency like to defend their girls. Amy’s heroes area unit rough, hot, unhealthy boys and billionaires United Nations agency possess that soft heart a girl undoubtedly yearns for. be a part of her story to grasp regarding her new releases, ARC list, discount promotions, contests and freebies.”

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