I Will Never Leave You

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• Author :S. M. Thayer
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320 Sheets
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September 1, 2018
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⊕ Plot Summary : “For one couple, obtaining what they need comes at a devastating worth during this riveting debut adventure story. Banking inheritrix Trish and her husband, James, appear to own it all, from a lavish modus vivendi to a historic mansion within the nation’s capital. the sole factor that’s missing to create their family complete may be a baby, therefore once Trish holds Anne Elise in her arms for the primary time, it’s no surprise that she falls deeply dotty. There’s only 1 problem: Trish isn’t the mother.

The baby belongs to Laurel, James’s young mistress. And quite that, James Associate in Nursingd Laurel need to start out a replacement life together—despite an ironclad prenup standing in their means. once Trish becomes hazardously captivated with creating Laurel’s baby her own, the lovers’ arrange to break James’s wedding quickly goes awry. however way is every of them willing to travel for happiness?

From the Editor

What if you may ne’er live the happily-ever-after you mostly unreal of? Would you steal somebody else’s? Trish and James need for nothing—except a toddler of their own. For years they tried everything, however the empty crib eventually created a split in their wedding. Trish ne’er stopped dreaming of the angelic kid she couldn’t have…and currently she’s faced with the fact that her husband features a baby together with his mistress.

But her husband’s unfaithfulness doesn’t touch Trish. For the primary time, she feels a twisted sense of hope and hatches an idea bolder than her husband’s. She must have that baby. notwithstanding what the value.

This novel hooked Pine Tree State from page one. i might ne’er do something these characters do, however I cherished reading concerning their dark decisions and stormy pasts. Secrets were uncovered and lives decorated within the balance as I torus through the pages, attempting to make your mind up simply whom to trust. Hope and betrayal propel the 3 main characters in S. M. Thayer’s debut psychological adventure story, as every angles to circumvent the opposite, whereas a vulnerable child’s future hangs within the balance.


“A fast story of venomous love and stunning deceptions that may have readers huffing and puffing till the ultimate page.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Engrossing…The twists and turns of the plot build this a desirable psychological adventure story.” —Publishers Weekly

“I can ne’er Leave You by S. M. Thayer builds the story sort of a set of stairs till the reader reaches the highest and sits down exhausted, however consummated.” —The Daily Press

“When a unique starts the means this one will, you simply apprehend things area unit planning to degenerate. during this fast, chilling novel, S. M. Thayer invokes F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters from the nice Gatsby as each a nod to the old compulsion to decide on cash over everything, and a cautionary tale to its ruinous powers. i will be able to ne’er Leave You may be a dark and habit-forming scan.” —Kaira Rouda, USA these days bestselling author

“This tricksy and sinister novel explores simply however wrong a love triangle will go. Chilling.” —Peter Gloria May Josephine Svensson, author of Her each concern”

⊗ Author Profile

“S. M. Thayer could be a nom de guerre for associate triumph fiction author and McDowell Fellow whose work has appeared in varied publications and received many cart Prize nominations. A native of recent royal house, Thayer lived for many years within the Washington, DC, metropolitan region before moving to rural Virginia associated earning an MFA from Virginia school. i’ll ne’er Leave You is Thayer’s debut novel.”

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